Notice of “Higashi Ginza Area Wind Chime Event 2023” to color the summer in Higashi Ginza with wind chimes

As an event to color the summer, we will hold the “Higashi Ginza Area Wind Chime Event 2023” (July 15 (Sat) ~ August 31 (Thu)) sponsored by Higashi Ginza Area Management.

In Japan, since ancient times, there has been a custom of decorating the futaku, a bell-shaped bronze bell, to ward off plagues and amulet. In honor of this custom, we will use the “
Nanbu Ironware Wind Chime”
popular in Iwate Prefecture, and with the cooperation of the surrounding area centered on the Ginza ~ Tsukiji area, about 500 wind chimes will be hung under the eaves of stores and other facilities. In Ginza Shochiku Square, we will also exhibit the “
Edo wind chime”
that has inherited the tradition handed down since the Edo period.

The design of the strip is decorated with the design of the “
Sensha Tag” with the cityscape of 37 towns in Chuo Ward and pictures related to each area, and
is elaborate so that you can feel the history of Chuo Ward.

Furthermore, during the period of July 22 (Sat.) ~ August 6 (Sun.), as a support for earthquake reconstruction, a “
Sendai Tanabata Ornament”
with a total length of about 6 meters will be installed in Ginza Shochiku Square. “Sendai Tanabata (Sendai Tanabata)” is a traditional event that has continued since the time of Date Masamune, and is one of the representative summer festivals of Tohoku, visited by about 2 million people every year as the largest Tanabata festival in the Japan.

In addition, strips filled with the wishes of children in Chuo Ward will be tied together, and the “
bamboo ornament” decorated with the seven decorations of Sendai Tanabata
will also be exhibited. In addition, we will also prepare “strips made of bamboo paper” that visitors can write their wishes on.

In addition to this exhibition, during the above-mentioned “Wind Chime Event” (
July 15 (Sat.) ~ August 31 (Thu.
), “
Matsukasa Wind Chime” (Matsukasa Furin
), which is designated as a traditional craft of Miyagi Prefecture, in Ginza Shochiku Square. “Matsukasa Wind Chime” is the only iron sand wind chime in Japan that is made into a wind chime by “tatara ironmaking”, and its technique is said to be out of the gate in Isshi Sōden. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the unique clear sound and aftertaste of iron sand at the venue.

Extreme heat is expected this summer. Please come to the Higashi-Ginza area and spend a cool and healing time with the cool sound of wind chimes.

Nanbu Ironware Wind ChimesNanbu Ironware Wind Chimes

Edo wind chimesEdo wind chimes

Matsukasa wind chimesMatsukasa wind chimes

Bamboo ornament with seven decorations of Sendai TanabataBamboo ornament with seven decorations of Sendai Tanabata

Sendai Tanabata decorationSendai Tanabata decoration

◆”Higashi Ginza Area Wind Chime Event 2023″ (July 15 (Sat) ~ August 31 (Thu)〉

Location: Ginza ~ about 90 locations including store eaves mainly in the Tsukiji area

Organizer: Higashi Ginza Area Management

Co-organizer: Higashi-Ginza Urban Development Promotion Council

Cooperation: Chuo City Tourism Association

◆”Sendai Tanabata Decoration Exhibition Event” (July 22 (Sat) ~ August 6 (Sun)〉

Location: Ginza Shochiku Square (1-13-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku)

Organizer: KPP Group Holdings, Inc.

Co-organizer: Higashi-Ginza Area Management

Cooperation: Narumiya Paper Trading Co., Ltd.

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