Mayu Matsuoka of “Fukushima Unknown Ambassador” learns about “Fukushima now”.

Fukushima Prefecture will release four PR videos featuring Mayu Matsuoka of “Fukushima Unknown Ambassador” on the special website ( from Monday, November 29.
“Fukushima: Ambassadors I didn’t know”, as the name 2010, is the representative of people who do not know Fukushima.
In February of this year, actress Mayu Matsuoka was appointed as “Ambassador Who Did Not Know Fukushima”, and through the seven videos (test, appointment ceremony, pre-inspection, site inspection chapter I-IV) that I have produced so far, we have conveyed the “Fukushima now” to viewers who do not know Fukushima through ambassador Matsuoka’s experience.

In the four newly released videos, you will learn about the history of Fukushima’s reconstruction at roadside stations that convey the threat of tsunami damage and roadside stations that have been developed as symbols of reconstruction, as well as experience the sake that Fukushima is proud of nationwide, as well as the charm of the scenic local line and the area along the route.

In addition, with the release of the video, fukushima prefecture official Twitter (@Fukushima_Pref) will start the “#ふくしま知らなかった大使検定テスト” campaign.

  • “Fukushima Unknowing Ambassador” PR Video   Overview

■Title: Fukushima Unknown Ambassador Site Inspection Vol. Treasures That Kept Nature And People Connected (3:44)
Fukushima Unknown Ambassador On-site Visit VOL. A Town with a Wind of Reconstruction (4:42)
Fukushima Unknown Ambassador On-site Inspection VOL. The Road to Reconstruction Learned by The Superb Railway (4:47)
Fukushima AmbassadorS I Didn’t Know VIII: Charm and Tradition from Fukushima Railways (5:07)
* “Site Inspections I-IV” is released in February this year.
■Performers: Mayu Matsuoka, people who tell “the present of Fukushima” in various parts of the prefecture
■Supervisor: Michihiko Kanai, Creative Director, Fukushima Prefecture
■ Director 😛 ennacky
■Video release date: From Monday, November 29, 2021 (scheduled to be released one every Monday)
■Public place: “Fukushima Unknown Ambassador” special site (

  • “Fukushima Unknowing Ambassador” PR Video   Story

■On-site inspection vol. Treasures that kept nature and people connected

Fukushima Prefecture has been the best sake brewery in Japan, so to speak, to achieve the highest number of gold awards in Japan eight times in a row at the National New Sake Competition. Visit a sake brewery in Fukushima that is highly acclaimed from all over Japan and secretly teach you the secrets of sake brewing unique to Fukushima.

■On-site inspection vol. V. A town with a wind of reconstruction

He visited Namie Town, which was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago due to the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant accident.
In order to pass on the memories and lessons of the tsunami damage to future generations, we will visit elementary schools that have been developed as earthquake remnants and roadside stations that serve as exchange hubs for local residents, and learn about the thoughts put into the reconstruction of Fukushima that conveys the experiences of the time, learns, and moves forward.

■On-site inspection vol. VII. The road to reconstruction learned by the railway with superb views

We will ride the JR Tadami Line, which has been severely damaged by heavy rains that occurred in the same year as the Great East Japan Earthquake, and restoration work is underway for the resumption of operation of all lines in 2022.
Visit the Tadami River Bridge, known as a shooting spot, and watari torigenkyo, and experience the charm of the Fukushima Railway, which runs with people’s thoughts while tasting the superb view of Fukushima and the delicious blessings of nature.

■On-site inspection vol. VIII Charm and tradition from fukushima railways

Following the previous part, we visited the area along the line while being swayed by the JR Tadami Line.
Visit shops that make Awa manju, a local and long-loved specialty, and facilities that convey the handies and crafts of Oku-Aizu to the present day, and experience the charm and tradition of the region spreading along the railway line.

  • Twitter campaign “#ふくしま知らなかった大使検定テスト”

Fukushima Prefecture’s official Twitter (@Fukushima_Pref) conducts “#ふくしま知らなかった大使検定テスト.” When you answer the test, you will receive a special comment video from Mayu Matsuoka. Please challenge by all means.

【Outline of “#ふくしま知らなかった大使検定テスト】】
Number of   problems: 5 questions in total
・ Publication   period: From Monday, November 29, 2021 to Sunday, December 26, 2021

  • Mayu Matsuoka Profile

Mayu Matsuoka
Born february 16, 1995. Born in Tokyo.
Debuted in 2008.
In recent years, his main appearances have films such as Bee and Distant Thunder, Hityo, Theater, and Drama’ The Beginning of Love.
At the 42nd Japan Academy Awards, she won the Best Actress Award for “Shake Without Permission” and the Best Supporting Actress award for Shoplifting Family.

■Mayu Matsuoka’s comment
I’m Mayu Matsuoka of “Fukushima: An Ambassador I Didn’t Know.”
In this activity, I had the opportunity to experience various charms of Fukushima, your thoughts on reconstruction, and activities.
I want more people to know and like Fukushima, which provides many discoveries and wonderful memories every time they visit.
I hope that this activity will lead to the future of things you did not know.
as an ambassador. As a fan. With all my heart, I will deliver the now of Fukushima.

  • Profile of Michihiko Kanai

Michihiko Yanai
Creative Director
Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts
Born in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture.
Since 2015, he has been creative director of Fukushima Prefecture.
He is also a guitarist of Inawashiro Lakes who participated in the 2011 NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.

■Comment from Michihiko Kashiuchi, Creative Director, Fukushima Prefecture
“Fukushima: Ambassadors I didn’t know” Mayu Matsuoka’s “I didn’t know” decreases one by one.
He visits various present and stands on the land, meets people, and touches the heart. Mr. Matsuoka seems to be an ambassador who knows Fukushima before long.
It’s not too late yet. From the door that Mr. Matsuoka opened, everyone all over the country should come to know the present of Fukushima.

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