Housewives who take over money at home are increasing rapidly! Started selling kintsugi kits at “Sekaido” stores from mail order only

With the spread of corona infections in 2020, kintsugi that can be experienced at home will become a big boom. Especially at the end of the year, kintsugi kits are gaining popularity as fun for long home time. By partnering with Sekaido, we started full-scale over-the-counter sales of the popular kintsugi kit “Tsugu Kit”, which has been sold only for mail order until now.
Anyone can now easily purchase a kintsugi kit at the store, which was often asked,”Where are they selling?”
Tsugutsugu Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Tsugutsugu”) began selling the “Kintsugi Kit (trade name: Tsugu Kit)” kit with broken pottery and tools that can repair dishes by yourself in May 2020, when corona infections began to spread.

We have specialized in online sales because of the declaration of a state of emergency, but from the end of 2021, when it became possible to go out little by little due to the release of the declaration of a state of emergency, we have formed a business alliance with Sekaido Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sekaido”) regarding kit sales, and we are pleased to announce that we have started selling products at The World Hall Shinjuku Main Store and Lumine Fujisawa Store.
In addition, Sekaido is expanding the number of tsugu kit stores at any time, and it is possible to order products by ordering at stores other than shinjuku main store and Lumine Fujisawa store.

■What is kintsugi?

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique that repairs broken, chipped, or cracked vessels that have been passed down since the Muromachi period with lacquer and decorates the surface of the wound with gold and silver.
There are many people who can not hear much, but with the spread of corona infection, popularity has increased mainly among housewives in their 30s and older, and recognition has increased by 15% among women alone, before and after corona infections began. (*From Tsutsutsu’s original online survey)

■The kintsugi boom peakes every winter

Based on Tsugtsutsu’s sales results so far, kintsugi tend to become more popular in winter, especially during the Year-end and New Year holidays. Many people may find a missing container during the year-end cleaning and repair it slowly during the year-end and New Year holidays.
The gold fitting kit which had the tools necessary for handover by oneself at home was sold mainly by mail order by many companies up to now, and tsu was no exception.
However, as the need for customers to purchase at stores has increased, at the end of 2021, when the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted, we formed a business alliance for over-the-counter sales at Sekaido, which has a large collection of DIY supplies, art supplies, and stationery, and started selling tsugu kits, making it easier to purchase.

■From mono consumption to koto consumption

Recently, it is said that the customer’s consumption style has shifted from “mono consumption” to “mono consumption” that purchases and consumes general things to “koto consumption” that finds value in extraordinary experiences and experiences, but we believe that kintsugi is also one of the koto consumption.
Based on Tsugutsugu’s sales results so far, orders to present tsuguru kits to those who have taken care of them on year-end gifts, year-end and New Year holidays, and Mother’s Day are increasing.
Tsugtsugu’s kintsugi classes are also popular, and I feel that there is a growing tendency to spend time and money on activities such as hobbies and lessons rather than owning things.

■Growing interest in the SDGs

Until now, it was common idea to throw away when a plate breaks, but now there is a widespread choice of “throw away or take over money?”
In the era of mass production and mass consumption, there are vessels in many homes that have a lot of feelings that can not be thrown away even if it breaks down. In our own online survey in June 2021, about one in three women living in Japan said, “We have a vessel that is cracked, chipped, cracked, but can’t be thrown away.”
In addition, activities that are conscious of the SDGs are spreading as global initiatives to be achieved by 2030, and the media is paying attention as saying that kintsugi can contribute to the SDGs’ goal 12 “responsibility to create responsibility”.

(Detailed article) More than 50% awareness of “kintsugi” due to the increase in home time and the rise of SDGs! The results of the National Kintsugi Awareness Survey 2021 are released!

■Japanese traditional culture kintsugi attracting attention from overseas


It is a kintsugi that is not well known even by Japanese people, but in fact it has gained high praise from overseas.
According to tsugutsu kit sales results, overseas sales more than tripled in the summer of 2021, and sales in November 2021 increased to 18% of all orders placed overseas.
I think the reason for its popularity overseas is that it is praised both as an art and as a philosophy, because it is not to repair broken things so that the wounds are inconspicuous, but rather the unique reversal idea of Japan that dares to make the crack stand out in gold and sublimate it into art.
Kintsugi is now called “KINTSUGI” in a way that has become English as it is, and it is spreading all over the world.

■Tsutsugu’s activities in the future

Tsugutsugu will conduct activities to deliver excitement to customers around the world, mainly kintsugi, based on the management philosophy of “creating new value in tradition and enriching people’s lives”.
In addition to ending this wonderful traditional culture kintsugi originated in Japan with a “boom”, we would like to establish it as a new “culture” that has been passed down since ancient times, and connect people’s thoughts.


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