To continue to produce works supported by tools

Edo Sashi mono : Takeshi Inoue

April 21, 2014 We visited Takeshi Inoue, who is demonstrating his production at Aoyama Square.

First of all, it started from the talk of the tool.

In the past, as with the time when Mr. Kihara of Osaka Karaki Fingering told me about “Kanna”, the preparation gradient is different from the usual kanna because the material that handles Edo fingering is hard, and the angle of the blade is obtuse angle. First of all, it started from the talk of the tool.

It seems that I made “bean cancer” smaller than the normal size “Kanna”, and “Mame bean cancer” which is even smaller than this.
It seems that it is actually a mobile phone strap ….

He also made his own tools for making this “mame bean cancer” (laughs), but he sharpened the tip of the precision driver and made it instead of fleas. What a shaving!!!

How is the blade sharpened and the condition of the stand?
Always at your best.

I am surprised at the bean cancer, but the beautiful works of wood grain are really wonderful.
Please take a look at the warmth of wood that cannot be conveyed in the photo and the work of the craftsmen up close.

“Not only technology, but also our work is supported by tools every day.
That’s why I always keep my blade sharpened and the condition of the table at my best.”

Mr. Inoue’s eyes, who spoke seriously, were impressive.
Mr. Inoue, thank you very much for your time.

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