Three days of analog touring to stimulate the senses. Audio-Technica 60th Anniversary Event “Analog Market” Held!

Audio-Technica Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Machida-shi, Tokyo, President & CEO: Kazuo Matsushita), which celebrated its 60th anniversary, is developing content that appeals to the appeal of various analog products throughout the year under a new corporate message “Becoming more analog.” As part of this effort, we will hold an “Analog Market” that will stimulate the senses by visiting “analog” gathered at three event venues in Tokyo. Please feel free to visit us.
■Dates: November 4th (Fri) ~ 6th (Sun), 2022
【Aoyama Farmers’ Market| United Nations University Plaza】November 5 (Sat) & 6 (Sun) 10:00 – 16:00
【BA-TSU ART GALLERY】November 4 (Fri) 15:30 – 20:00 / November 5 (Sat) 10:30 – 18:00
/6th (Sun) 10:30 – 17:00
【STUMP BASE】November 5 (Sat) 12:00 – 20:00 / November 6 (Sun) 12:00 – 19:00
* Please note that the above times are subject to change slightly.
■Admission: Free
■Special Website:

What is Analog Market?
A flea market where you can experience various “analog things” such as antiques/antiques, second-hand clothes, crafts, art, interiors, fragrances, houseplants, organic food, etc., with a focus on records. We will create a place to stimulate new creativity together with analog creators such as manufacturing workshops such as kintsugi and Ross flower arrangements, listening spaces with high-end audio, and art installations with tatami mats and modular synthesizers. We hope you will enjoy it through your five senses.
Details of the exhibition booths and the three venues will be announced in the future. Please look forward to this event where you can taste the value of “analog”.

【Area1/Shopping & Workshop】Analog flea market that stimulates sensibility
Venue: Aoyama Farmers Market| United Nations University Square



Under the theme of “analog things,” nearly 40 booths by creators and brands of various genres will be exhibited, as well as hands-on content such as a “scratch experience” of records by a DJ and a “manufacturing workshop” where you can enjoy interacting with artists. It is a venue where anyone, from children to adults, can easily “buy” and “make” analog things.
* Details will be updated on the special website ( ) as needed.

―< Booth 1st Introduction> –

* The following are listed in order from the upper left of the image.


Operated by the Life Architecture Group “SAMPO Inc”, the “Clothing, Food and Otosumibi” complex store cultural house is located deep in Sangenjaya. It is also a mobile dwelling docked by a MoC (Mobile cell) that can be carried on top of a truck, proposing a minimum cultural economic zone with the theme of a house that does not die. For the first time at this event, five crew members of Rojiya gathered. We are planning to open a store selling speakers, used clothes, rings, curry cooking sales, and craft cola sales.

A “cassette tape DJ device” equipped with pitch control and scratch functions that allows DJ to play on cassette tapes like a turntable. In addition to actually experiencing the “cassette tape DJ equipment”, we are also planning a demonstration.

“Mosslight” allows you to enjoy growing plants with only LED light and water even in places where there is no sunlight. LED light has little ultraviolet rays and less heat on the front, so there is almost no damage to plants. At the event, we plan to exhibit the works grown with “Mosslight” and sell the Mosslight picture book.

Divka develops various projects through fashion. In addition to the Divka collection, we plan to sell one-of-a-kind works such as jewelry, leather items, ceramics, and art selected from around the world.

●Yu Akashi
A caricature machine made of cardboard that uses 100% human energy and is sought after at various events and festivals! We are planning to provide an experience-type portrait attraction where you can understand everything if you sit in front of it. Be sure to experience a machine that will make everyone go back to being a child!

●Animarket/Eiji Katano
Became popular with video content of standard clothes and old clothes. Adored by Aniki in the industry, he is the creative director of the Scottish apparel brand “Kinlok Anderson”, sales of collaborative products such as Babua and Red Wing under his own ANK brand, and is widely active mainly on the YouTube channel “Anitube”. This time, we sell personal vintage used clothes.


―< Workshop Vol.1 Introduction > –

* The following images are listed in order from the left.

In addition to holding kintsugi classes and workshops, they also propose lifestyles that incorporate “hon lacquer”, which has a beauty with practicality, into daily life. This time, we are planning to hold a Oneday Kintsugi workshop that will be completed in one day using synthetic adhesive that does not worry about rashes, rather than this lacquer kintsugi.

●fragrance yes
“Plant Distillation and Aroma Skin Cream Making” Workshop Through fragrance yes counseling, you can select the aroma you need for your “mind and body” and create an original skin care cream. We will also tell you how to self-care to improve your physical condition with phytotherapy and diet, and how to do self-massage that you can easily do yourself.

– Green & flower craft Happiness / Flower cyclist
Flowers that are scheduled to be discarded while they are still beautiful after a short role in flower shops and ceremonial halls are named “Ross Flowers” and breathed new life into them as dried flowers. This time, we are planning to hold a workshop on making bouquets using flowers that will be discarded at the market. We look forward to your visit.

【Area2/Deep Listening】High-end listening experience

High-end listening experience is available with Audio-Technica’s 60th anniversary model cartridge AT-MC2022 and headphone ATH-W2022. You can enjoy music more deeply in a special space where you can focus on sound. In addition to the 60th anniversary model exhibition, there will be a gallery space that looks back on Audiotechnica’s 60-year history with past products and advertisements, and an exhibition of music-made shochu “ANALOG SPIRITS” to commemorate the 60th anniversary. From various angles, the venue is based on the theme of “listening” more deeply.

■ High-end listening experience with 60th anniversary products

By combining the analog methods cultivated over 60 years with advanced technology, the pickup cartridge allows you to experience the beautiful tone of an analog record more deeply. In collaboration with the traditional crafts of Japan and the handiwork that carefully creates each headphone, the headphones fill the heart with the best sound and beautiful appearance. In both cases, a limited edition model worthy of the anniversary name will be unveiled to the public for the first time and a listening experience will be prepared. In addition, there is also a turntable experience booth where young people who have never touched records before can easily enjoy the goodness of analog.

* Click here for advance information on the 60th anniversary model (cartridge AT-MC2022 and headphones ATH-W2022)

■Art gallery looking back on 60 years of history

Audio-Technica, which has continued to create various sound experiences for people who love all sounds, will unravel its history from its founding to its growth into a one-of-a-kind global audio manufacturer, along with past ~ latest product displays. In addition, we have hundreds of advertisement archives, including those from the early days of the company. This is a valuable opportunity to get a glimpse of the transition of Audio-Technica’s advertising expression that has progressed with the changing times, focusing on various advertisements created by analog methods in the 60s ~ 70s.

【Area3/Gallery】Art Installation


In addition to exhibiting works by overseas artists using the 60th anniversary model, we will prepare a place to stimulate new creativity with analog creators such as art installations of tatami mats and modular synthesizers.
Details of creators and experience contents will be announced at a later date and on the special website.
Please look forward to it.

■Venue Access
【Aoyama Farmers Market| United Nations University Plaza】〒150-000 5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
【BA-TSU ART GALLERY】〒150-000 5-11-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
【STUMP BASE】〒107-006 6-5-45 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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