Japan Arts & Craft is Japan’s largest community of information about traditional Japanese crafts and craftsmanship.

Why did we start it up?

Japan’s traditional crafts and monozukuri industry is often seen as a sluggish industry, but in fact, craftspeople all over the country are continuing to develop new products and make attempts to revive their respective industries.

One fact, however, is that most of the challengers’ efforts have gone unnoticed and disappeared.
Each of the leaders of the manufacturing industry has been sending out information individually, but their ability to spread the information has been insufficient, and until we appeared on the scene, there was no place where information on Japan’s traditional crafts and manufacturing industry could be gathered. Moreover, until we came on the scene, there was no place to gather information on the Japanese traditional craft and manufacturing industry, and even more importantly, there was no way to send information overseas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Therefore, Japan Arts & Craft will serve as a database for the entire industry by collecting and accumulating all kinds of information on traditional Japanese crafts and monozukuri. We will also translate this information into multiple languages and disseminate it overseas.

In addition, by providing a members-only posting and commenting function, we aim to create communication within the Japan Arts & Craft and build a community that connects people involved in the industry, such as craftspeople, domestic and international buyers, and designers.

By connecting industry professionals around the world, we will support the leaders of manufacturing and contribute to Japan’s traditional craft and manufacturing industry.