On January 11, 2022, the beta version of HINATA, an NFT marketplace that disseminates Digital Art from Japan to the world, was launched. As an opening campaign, we started free distribution of NFT!

FUWARI Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter FUWARI) launched a beta version of the NFT Marketplace “HINATA” on January 11, 2022. We are pleased to announce that we have started free distribution of NFT as a limited-time opening campaign.
Under the slogan of “HINATA” is “In an era where all artists and creators can shine in the sun of digital”, Japanese artists, creators, traditional culture that Japan can be proud of to the world, etc. are born as a place where the possibilities of digital can be expanded. We will develop services that disseminate various digital art produced from Japan to the world.
  • About HINATA Marketplace


NFT has great potential, but there are also aspects where the current NFT market is pumped up for enthusiastic speculative purposes.
We will continue to operate “HINATA” as a supporter with the utmost respect to creators who produce attractive content, not a transient platformer on the boom.
Instead of simply selling digital works into NFT, how can creators expand the possibilities of their activities through NFT and make new connections with users? As the operator of the marketplace, we produce exhibits by creators, collaborate with creators, and create new works.
In addition, we will operate web media at the same time as information dissemination to promote creators and users.
At the beginning of full-scale operation in early February (planned), NFT can be purchased by credit card payment instead of electronic currency, and not only user’s ease of use but also return to creators will be smoothly executed.

  • Naming “HINATA”

The origin of the site name “HINATA” is artists who have lost their place of expression due to corona evils and creators who have been restricted from activities. Newby (a newcomer) has great potential but has few opportunities to present his work. We named them with the desire to show the potential of NFT and play an active role in the “sunshine” of the digital sun, because they cannot have a place to shine, such as traditional crafts that are sought to respond to the new world.

  • Be environmentally conscious

One of the problems that cannot be ignored by the use of blockchain technology such as NFT is the environmental impact of the large consumption of electricity.
By using the original blockchain technology “HAZAMA” provided by IndieSquare Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yuta Hoshino, hereinafter IndieSquare), it is possible to operate without using conventional blockchain networks, and at low cost without spending gas, We have built an environmentally friendly management system that reduces the amount of electricity used.

Patent Number: 6788875
Name of invention: A system that transfers digital assets between block chains
Patentee: IndieSquare Co., Ltd.
Application   Number: Patent Application 2019-088304
Filing date: April 16, 2019
Registration date: November 5, 2020 (Reiwa 2)

  • NFT Free Distribution Opening Campaign


In commemoration of the site launch, we distributed a collaboration NFT with creators for free.

As the first step, limited CG art images of hardware startup venture Co., Ltd. ICOMA’s electric bike “Tatamel Bike” will be presented to the first 100 people!
Please get beautiful CG art with the topic of NFT to support their challenge of starting the unexplored challenge of “Tatamel Bike”, which has won various awards including the grand prize of “GUGEN 2021”, one of the largest original hardware contests in Japan.

〈Campaign Vol.1〉 From Japan! The ICOMA Tatamel Bike is a folding electric bike that pursues the aesthetics of deformation.
Limited CG Art NFT will be presented to the first 100 people!
【Campaign Site】

In addition, one person will be presented with a set of 2022 Tora pattern NFT and 1/12 scale garage kit!



  • The campaign sequel is traditional crafts and GIF art.



The campaign NFT following ICOMA “Tatamel Bike” is a traditional craft “Kyo Yuzen” and story GIF art “Tales of Mush Race ~ Mushroom Senki”!

Along with Sekiya Dyeing Co., Ltd., which has inherited Yuzen dyeing in Kyoto and Rakuchu for more than 120 years, “Kyo Yuzen” is a traditional beauty that Japan can be proud of to the world. We will transform our traditional assets into digital assets with NFT and expand them to the world.


Story GIF art on Twitter. “Tales of MushRace ” where characters with the motif of real mushrooms develop in their own world view with the theme of “cherishing nature”. Blockchain game planning is also in progress attention art, NFT free distribution of its characters!


By all means, please check the release information on the campaign site and HIATA official SNS.

【Campaign Site】
[Official Twitter account]

  • Future developments

In early February, it started full-scale operation as an NFT marketplace. You will be able to purchase creator works certified by the management. In stages, we will also make it possible for general creators to exhibit after judging.

The features that are currently planned to be added are as follows:
◎ Secondary distribution function in the platform: It is possible to buy and sell between users of acquired (paid and free)
◎ True work proof function: Function that can prove the true work by linking the real work and NFT

Other additional functions are being scrutinized and will be announced as soon as the schedule is decided.

In addition, since HINATA is its own NFT platform, it is not possible to send acquired NFT to other platforms (such as Opensea) at this time. In the future, we are considering a mechanism to promote liquidity so that more people can enjoy it.

  • For artists, creators, and everyone who creates works and content.

The new digital world that NFT opens up opens up endlessly for you.
“HINATA” is looking for creators to collaborate.
Take your creativity to the next level.

Contact HINATA Support Desk
FUWARI Co., Ltd.




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