A variety of artists gather. Celebrity FACE EXHIBITION – Celebrity Face Exhibition – 12/11-18 at Fukuoka City Art Gallery

Celebrity FACE EXHIBITION – Celebrity Face Exhibition — inviting a wide range of artists of contemporary Japanese art will be held free of charge from December 11 (Sat) to December 18 (Sat), 2021.

Curating nine high-profile painters, designers, and flower arrangement artists in Tokyo and Fukuoka, we will unravel the will and activities that will remain in future generations from the art works that express celebrities and greats created by each artist.

From 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. at THE GALLERY 212 (5-2-35 Nishishin, Arara-ku, Fukuoka City), An Art Gallery in Nishishin, Fukuoka City.


■ Explore tips for building the future from celebrities/greats who have lived in the past
The art world is attracting more attention than ever before due to the awareness of NFT and the pros and cons of managing the museum due to the corona disaster.
It is an era in which artists who are in the midst of the most whirlwind are once again questioned.
The present is the accumulation of each event in the past. Learning from the past gives us the wisdom and courage to face even unprecedented events.
This time, artists of a wide range of generations who are attracting attention in Tokyo and Fukuoka gather. We will create art works on the theme of celebrities/ greats. By telling them why the person became famous and how he influenced the era, we will unravel what kind of will and activities have remained in future generations and created the present.
It is an exhibition to learn the passage to this point and connect the future, not to cut out and think only at this moment now.

< Participating Artists>

KEN IKEDA/Kads MIIDA/USUGROW/SHIGAMIKI/Yusei Sagawa/AKITO NARA/Luise Ono/A2O/ADHD (each profile is at the bottom of the page)


Outline of <>
●Date and time
From Saturday, December 11, 2021 to Saturday, December 18

Art Gallery “THE GALLERY 212”
5-2-35 Nishishin, Hayara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0002

●Admission fee

●Exhibition and sales
Art works such as paintings, collaboration goods with Kyushu traditional crafts, etc.

●Live streaming
We are planning to live stream during the exhibition. We hope you can subscribe to the channel and wait for information.

●Contact us
Person in Charge: ICBA JAPAN PROJECT
Representative: Ken Ikeda

We will continue to take measures against infection and look forward to your visit.


Representative of AIR PLANT Co., Ltd. / ICBA JAPAN PROJECT, artist / art director.

At the age of three, he became interested in painting while entering and leaving the studio under the influence of her aunt and painter Mizuho Ikeda, and began to paint. After that, at the age of 15, he got to know the street culture of New York and continued to be inspired by street fashion/ music / art, and started spray art at the age of 22.

In 2003, at the age of 24, he opened ART STUDIO “AIR PLANT/ Air Plant” in Fukuoka. Launched the WKW Air Plant in 2011. On April 28, 2018, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the opening of the company, “THE GALLERY 212” will be held with his own art direction. Although he is based in Fukuoka, he has received requests from overseas, such as New York, Portland, and Hawaii, and his activities are not limited to Japan.

Since 2020, he has launched the ICBA JAPAN PROJECT, a project to disseminate works that integrate Japanese culture × ART from Japan to the world, and is developing new art projects and direction. With “ART FOR EVERYONE – Art for Everyone” as his production philosophy, he continues to work in search of free works and expressions that are not bound by age, gender, nationality, or genre.

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<Kads MIIDA>

An artist who creates works full of vitality under the theme of “being free and being a part of nature”. Born in Kyoto in 1964, he began working in Tokyo in the 1980s. “ART TRIP with Kads” The work that emerged from the experience of traveling is not limited to painting, but also a wide range of product works such as apparel and household goods, store interior, logo design, live painting, picture book, and its creative activities. Since the earthquake in 2011, we have been looking overseas until then, turning to Japan and revisiting it throughout Japan. Together with the people I met in various places, we strive to create works with a message for the future. He is also focusing on co-production with craftsmen of traditional Japanese crafts such as lacquerware and indigo dyeing. In addition, beams JAPAN’s interior ceiling paintings with the theme of Made in Japan incorporate ancient Japanese motifs and techniques such as dragon, wind god thunder god, and phoenix. In addition, the range of expression continues to be expanded.

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In the early 1990s, he began working as an artist by making flyers in the underground music scene. He has developed production activities that transcend methods and media such as illustration, calligraphy, canvas painting, and mulal. Currently, he is mainly working on works on the theme of cultural propagation with calligraphy and butoh motifs using original typefaces.

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In 2009, he started his activities as an illustrator after creating local characters limited to the BOOM 20th anniversary tour. In 2014, he was in charge of paintings for all the works in the “Nohino-no-Hoshi” series of lyricist Nakamura Ere, and found a new style that synthesized photos and graphics in addition to handwritten style. In addition to source panel art at nara oriental festival held in 2015 as an art work, he also started his work as a designer in the same year. He has worked on various designs such as websites, artist goods, logos, etc., and is currently expanding his production activities by working as a designer for cosmetics brand Pink Cross.

-web site

<Yusei Sagawa>

Born in 1986 in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. Active mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa.
Influenced by graffiti street art in his late teens, he walked the path of expression. He hones his skills with live painting with an emphasis on freestyle, and draws in an abstract style that fuses Japanese, natural and urban images. He also has a face as one of the wawa-e divisions, an art group, and has worked on many artworks.

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In 2014, he began painting on his own in New York. By adding sensations and thoughts inspired by life’s experiences and introspection to images that spring up from the eyes accidentally, he draws out abstractly as a portrait or scene of an organism. It is characterized by true eyes and free and variegated colors, and there are several self-portraits as an interpretation of the various aspects of the spiritual self and cosmology.

For Nara,Painting is the most minimal and pure way of expression and communication in this complex and underdeveloped world with different souls, languages, and values, and it is an endlessly great journey to explore yourself as an individual in connection with others.

“Technology makes way, art nurtures humanity, and within the laws of the universe, what’s really important, what’s beautiful, its value never changes.”

He has also participated in exhibitions and art events in Brooklyn, Japan and Shanghai. In 2020, he held a solo exhibition in Chelsea, a gallery district representing Manhattan. In the same year, he moved his base to Japan and began activities in his home country.

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<Luise Ono>

Born in 1989. Born in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
 Under the theme of “growth”, organic lines express the growth of plants, the flow of waves, and the energy overflowing in the natural world. In 2010, he began his career in live paint at events. The world-famous mural festival “POW! WOW!」 With participation in JAPAN, TAIWAN, HAWAII, and LONG BEACH, he has been working on murals for overseas stores and commercial facilities, and collaborates with companies and governments such as LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka, Kochi Tsutaya Bookstore, and temples. In recent years, he has been actively working in the local area, such as local license plates in Hiratsuka City, local marriage notifications, and wrapping designs for escalators inside JR Hiratsuka Station.
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In 2018, he created an iconic brain design from his loveless daily life with friends. He launched his own brand ADHD, focusing on the brain design titled ADHD, and when he sold art works on the Web, orders flooded in. After that, there was a phenomenon in which a large amount of ADHD stickers suddenly occur naturally on the streets of Fukuoka, and in 2019 it was featured in the mass media and became a hot topic due to the spread on SNS. By receiving criticisms of all the pros and cons, I am shocked that art is received in various ways by people. We look for answers to the effects of art on the brain by creating works.

Taking advantage of his experience working for a design company, he began working as a freelance design worker in 2020 while also working as a full-fledged painter. He is also engaged as a founding member of icba JAPAN PROJECT, which disseminates “Contemporary Art × Japanese Traditional Culture” both domestically and internationally. On October 1, 2021, he joined AIR PLANT Co., Ltd., which develops business mainly in art design and space direction.

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Profile of a man who loves plants and is loved by plants
In 2008, after becoming an apprentice as a gardener, he became interested in ikebana, tea ceremony, and art.

-Introduction to Sogetsu-ryu Ikebana in 2010
-Established “Niwa Doraku” in 2014
-Introduction to the Yabuuchi School of KogiCha Ceremony in 2019

He arrives at plant art that uses plants to express the use of japanese unique spaces learned from garden, ikebana, and tea, and the aesthetics of left and right in contrast.
Taking advantage of his experience decorating DJ booths and entrances with flowers at club events, he is fascinated by the charm of plants and achieves a wonderful fusion of contemporary art and plants. Plantman who has not yet evolved.

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< planning and operation >
KEN IKEDA (Representative of AIR PLANT Co., Ltd./ICBA JAPAN PROJECT, Artist/ Art Director/ Executive Producer)
AIRI UCHIDA (Chief Producer/ Spatial Designer)
KOJIROS (Designer/ Artist)

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ICBA EC site

In addition to promoting fukuoka city’s art, art for everyone is our mission, contributing to a world where everyone can enjoy art through all art including contemporary art, classical art from around the world, and traditional Japanese culture. As a result, we continue activities that help to increase the number of people who live their lives more abundantly.

< Contact us>
Person in Charge: ICBA JAPAN PROJECT
Representative: Ken Ikeda



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