On Wednesday, December 1, the Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative, which will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary, opened its first official e-commerce mall, tsunagu Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative, to the public.

On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, the Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Kimiyuki Kawashima, hereinafter “Tomi”) opened its first official e-commerce mall, tsuguna Tokyo Art and Dealers Cooperative, to the public. In terms of site production and operation, we partnered with TODOROKI Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masaya Inoue).
The demand for online art sales has become apparent
The Tokyo Youth Association of Fine Arts (*a subcommittee that plans and promotes Tomi’s events and businesses, led by young clerks of Tomi member stores) has been planning the launch of an EC mall site as part of the diversification of sales methods. In the corona disaster after 2020, the number of inquiries asking each art dealer to purchase art works online is increasing, and the sales of online art works are showing solid growth mainly in the field of contemporary art, and this time we decided to launch “TSUNAGU” Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative (TSUNAGU). We will provide a wealth of opportunities for both art lovers/collectors and art dealers to buy and sell.

Tsunagu where top-notch art works gather from all over the country
TSUNAGU is an e-commerce mall specializing in the sale of art products where only experienced art dealers belonging to Tobi can open a store, aiming to be a platform that connects art dealers who want to increase sales channels with users who want to meet more works.

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Features of EC Mall TSUNAGU
(1) Safe transactions with trusted art dealers
All of the exhibitors are art dealers with many years of experience and industry trust that meet Tomi’s strict membership regulations, and they have a selection of masterpieces. Because TSUNAGU, the official tomi official who is also involved in the appraisal business of art works, we provide safe and secure trading opportunities to all users in online transactions of art works that are difficult to guarantee the state and authenticity of the work.

(2) Works of art in a variety of genres
Each art dealer’s range of genres range from ancient art to contemporary art. Users can search for works of art according to their wishes from a wide lineup.
※Art product category of the plan to handle※
Tea utensils, Japanese paintings, Western-style paintings, prints, ukiyo-e, armor and swords, metalwork, Buddhist art, appreciation ceramics, Western antiques, modern crafts, lacquerware, contemporary art, old calligraphy, etc.

(3) Disseminating the back side of art
We regularly provide interviews with art dealers and explanations of art works.
We are planning to produce content that both beginners and beginners can enjoy.

Comments   from each representative
<Kimiyuki Kawashima, President, Tokyo Art and Commerce Cooperative Association>
Tsunagu, the first e-commerce mall of the Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative, was planned mainly by the directors of the Youth Association, and after careful consideration, it was decided to start this time. I would be happy if the participating art dealers who are members of the union would provide a “gateway” to the purchase of safe and correct art works, and to become a role of “connecting” to art lovers.

<Hiroshi Natsume, President, Tokyo Youth Association of Fine Arts>
In order to revitalize the art market, the Youth Association has been warming up the concept of opening an e-commerce mall for about three years. As a result of repeated consultations, we spoke to TODOROKI, which has a rich outlook for the future of the art industry, and this partnership has been reached. By bringing together the two sides to nurture TSUNAGU, we intend to provide opportunities to connect many customers with art works.

<Masaya Inoue, President and CEO, TODOROKI Co., Ltd>
TODOROKI is challenging to empower all stakeholders, including art dealers, artists, and collectors, and to make art more familiar, centering on DX in the art market. This time, it is a great step forward that we have been asked as a partner by the traditional Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative, and we will make further efforts to expand and revitalize the market with the help of those who are active on the front lines.

An example of a shopkeeper (in no particular order)
Kouyama Ryusendo: Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ancient Art Tree Melon:Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Yasugado Natsume Art Store:Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Konishi Daikando: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Shibuya Kuroda Toen: Shibuya, Tokyo
Gallery Ginji: Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Nishimura Gallery:Chuo-ku, Tokyo

About Tokyo Art And Dealers Cooperative
The Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative, the operator of TSUNAGU, is an art dealer’s cooperative consisting of about 500 members who meet strict membership rules. As an exhibition and sales event for general consumers, we plan and operate various events such as Tomi Shosho-kai (1952-) and Tomi Art Fair (1999-).
[Tokyo Art Dealers Cooperative Association]
6-19-15 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004

About TODOROKI, Inc.
TODOROKI will create a market for art to circulate more efficiently by fusing art and IT, and will build and provide innovative systems for everyone involved in art. We are engaged in web production, e-commerce mall site production, branding, and marketing consulting for the art industry.
【TODOROKI Co., Ltd.】
Kiyozakura Heights 102, 29-31 Sakuraokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031

■ Press contact regarding this release
TSUNAGU Support Desk


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