SSFF & ASIA 2022 Reiwa 4th Japan Exposition Organizer and Co-Organizer Project “Discover Beauty Symposium” Online Talk Event Focusing on Ainu Culture to Consider Japanese Beauty

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia will host and co-host the Reiwa 4th Japan Cultural Expo and will be globally distributing the online talk event “Discover Beauty Symposium: The Origin of Sustainability and Its Aesthetic Sense Learned from the Ainu Worldview” on Friday, June 17 at 20:00~.

At the event, Hideo Akibe, who served as the general director of the “Ainu Culture Dissemination Conference” established for the purpose of disseminating Ainu culture at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and led Ainu culture transmission performances to success, and Satomi Igarashi, art historian and dean of the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, were invited as panelists, and female empowerment activist Koyasha. Chuck (Besher Chuck) will lead the talk event as a moderator.
In the talk, which unfolds against the backdrop of the forests and lakeshores of Lake Akan in the National Park, which is a sacred place for the Ainu, we will deepen our conversation with two experts who are involved in Ainu culture and art, and who are involved in the cutting-edge of video and art content production, direction, and criticism, about the origin of sustainability and its aesthetic sense learned from the Ainu worldview. We will find hints in Ainu culture that are indispensable for modern society to achieve the SDGs.

【Outline of the Discover Beauty Symposium】
■Date: Friday, June 17, 2022, 20:00~
■Guests: Hideo Akibe, Satomi Igarashi,
– Moderator: Chuk Kosha
(Besher Chuck)
Distributed by: SSFF & ASIA YouTube
■ Reservation: You can remind from Peatix.
■Cost: Free
■URL :

Panelist and moderator of the Discover Beauty Symposium, a project organized and co-hosted by the Japan Cultural Expo in Reiwa 2014

Hideo  Akibe (Managing Director, Akan Ainu Craft Cooperative)
After graduating from high school, he became an apprentice to his father as a woodcarver, Mr. Nupri floor, a senior at Kotan,
Under the tutelage of Toyojiro Shitake and others, he studied Ainu dance and know-how, and has appeared in ancient dance and eukara plays both in Japan and abroad, as well as directing and writing many screenplays himself.
In addition to running a folk art shop, he belongs to the Akan Ainu Craft Cooperative, the Akan Ainu Association, and the Akan Ainu Cultural Preservation Society, and contributes to the promotion of understanding of Ainu culture in various genres such as artistic activities, cultural preservation and transmission activities, and even cultural lectures.
In addition, he served as the general director of the “Ainu Culture Dissemination Conference”, which was established for the purpose of disseminating Ainu culture at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and led Ainu culture dissemination performances to success.


Satomi Igarashi (art historian)
Dean, Dean, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan
Born in 1964 in Kushiro, Hokkaido. Graduated from Hirosaki University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Japanese Art History in 1986. He worked as a curator at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and other museums in Hokkaido, and served as Deputy Director of the Kotaro Mikishi Museum of Art before assuming his current position.
He has worked on exhibitions such as “AINU ART: Kaze no Kataribe” (2013, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, etc.), “Appear: The Life of Mora: The World of Wood Carver Takeki Fujito” (2017, Mori Art Museum of Sapporo Art, etc.), and “Beautiful Handiwork of the Ainu” (2019, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, etc.). Winner of the 2019 Birenkyo Grand Prize for Outstanding Paper. His books include “Exploring Ainu Emaki – Solving the Mystery of Historical Drama” (Hokkaido Shimbun). He has given many lectures on Ainu painting and Ainu figurative art.


– Besher Chuck: Moderator
Female empowerment activist. 3 Minutes Inc., Executive Producer. He is in charge of producing video content, event planning, advertising planning, etc. His previous job was Coca-Cola Japan. He produces music for the Olympics, World Cup, TV programs, and commercials, and supervises advertising planning.
Currently, she plans, drafts, and produces the women’s empowerment documentary series Future is MINE.
Previously, he worked at an LDP think tank as a policy staffer. After that, he served as the head of the Strategic Planning Office of the advertising agency Gray Ohiro, the founder and management of an OOH media company, the anchor of CNN’s Japanese language broadcaster, the person in charge of Japan M&A of the investment bank in the United States, and the representative of Japan for the Asia Foundation.
He holds a master’s degree at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Majored in Japanese Studies.
His major publications include “The World and Japan Considered at Columbia Graduate School” (Haru Shobo), “Corporate Crisis Management in the Age of Global Management” (Nikkeisha), and “Japan: Coming Out of the Pile Reflections” (monthly column). He is currently a columnist for Tokyo Headline.

Symposium Linkage SSFF & ASIA 2022 “Discover Beauty Programme”
June 7 (Tue) ~ Online venue distribution starts

Tā Moko – Behind the Tattooed Face
Director: Mick Andrews & David Atkinson / 12:14 / New Zealand/ Non-fiction / 2019

Tattoos on Māori faces, called tamoko, are a tradition that is on the verge of extinction due to colonization. Bernard and Sapphire are anxious to unite and flourish the Māori community by rediscovering their customs. A work that depicts the pain and pride of the two people who put Ta Moko.

Director:Paul-Louis Léger & Pascal Messaoudi / 13:00 / France / Non-fiction /2019

In a part of Ukraine near the Romanian border, there is a traditional festival called maranka, in which bears take the lead.

Kapaemahu Magic Stone (Kapaemahu)
Director: Dean Hamer, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, & Joe WIlson / 8:30 / United States / Animation /

An untold story about four magic stones that remain on the beaches of Waikiki.
―A long time ago, four prayer masters with healing powers appeared…

TEZUTSU -fire flower town-
Director: Tatsuya Ina / 12:12 / Japan / Non-fiction /2017
Hand-tube fireworks, which have been going on for 450 years in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, are fireworks that people in the town do all the way to cutting bamboo, stuffing gunpowder, making fireworks, and giving them away. What do young people feel when they challenge that tradition for the first time?

Discociver Beauty Program Screening
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022 in Achi
-Japan’s No. 1 Starry Sky Film Festival-

The Star Village Achi Attraction Promotion Council (Chairman: Hideki Kumagai (Mayor of Achi Village)) of Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture, the best starry sky in Japan,
During the period from July 9 (Sat) ~ July 18 (Mon) to July 18 (Mon), 2022, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022 in Achi -Japan’s No. 1 Starry Sky Film Festival- will be held at Fujimidai Kogen Ropeway Heavens Sohara, the venue of the Paradise in the Sky.
*A screening of the Discover Beauty program will also be held.

■Date July 9 (Sat)  ~ July 18 (Mon), 2022 
■ Location: Fujimidai Kogen Ropeway Heavens Sohara
  〒395-0304 3731-4 Tomosato, Achi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture
■Price   Adult high school student 2,400 yen ~ / Elementary and junior high school students 1,200 yen ~ / Infant free 
■Organizer Star Village Achi Attraction Promotion Council
■Planning & Supervision Short   Shorts Executive Committee
■Special Cooperation:  Achi☆ Daytime God Tourism Bureau/Jay Mountains Central

【Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia  2022 Overview】
■Festival Representative: Tetsuya Bessho
■Period: June 7 (Tue) ~ June 20 (Mon)
Online venues are April 28 (Thu) ~ June 30 (Thu)
■Screening venue: Opening ceremony venue LINE CUBE SHIBUYA
Euro Live
Omotesando Hills Space O
iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futako Tamagawa Rise
Akasaka Intercity Conference
* The holding period varies depending on each venue.
■Fee: Screening at the venue: Free ※There are some paid events

April 28 ~ Pre-registration is possible at the online ticket sales platform “Peatix”

■General Contact: 03-5474-8844

■Official site:

■Organizer: Short Shorts Executive Committee / Short Shorts Asia Executive Committee

* Based on the infection situation of the new coronavirus, the timing or contents may be changed.

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