It is a university where 10,000 people study all over Japan, and you are also a university of art from spring! The application period for the Correspondence Course of Kyoto University of Arts begins in 2022!

・ The application period for the correspondence course of Kyoto University of Arts in 2022 will start on Monday, January 24.
・In fiscal 2022, there will be a lot of topics such as the establishment of a completely online course “Calligraphy Course” to learn from leading calligraphers and ink painters, and a new program for foreign nationals to graduate from a Japanese university completely online while living overseas!
Expand online classes! You can graduate without going to school even in production courses with practical skills.
The application period for the 2022 correspondence course of Uryuyama Gakuen Kyoto University of Arts (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City / President Sakiko Yoshikawa) began on Monday, January 24.

  • Kyoto University of Arts Correspondence Course 2022 Application Period
    【Undergraduate】Monday, January 24 – Thursday, April 7
    【Graduate School】From Monday, January 24 to Tuesday, February 22


  • Point (1): New book and drawing course!

A calligraphy and painting course was established in the Department of Art, Correspondence Education Department, where beginners can master calligraphy and ink painting in earnest. As a course of “Palm Art University”, which does not require going to school, you can obtain a four-year university graduation qualification (bachelor’s degree) by learning using the Web. We will unravel the history of calligraphy and painting, which has been transmitted to Japan based on Chinese kanji culture, and connect it to his own work expression based on the tradition cultivated so far. Students learn from both theoretical subjects that explore culture and practical subjects that acquire calligraphy and painting skills, raise awareness of beauty rooted in Oriental wisdom, and foster human resources with creatively high expressive power.
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  • Point 2: Foreign nationals are eligible. A new program is established that allows you to graduate from a Japanese university completely online while living abroad!

The “Foreign Student-Acceptance Program”, which allows students to graduate from Japanese universities completely online while living overseas, has been newly established for foreign nationals. Students will prepare a curriculum for japanese language acquisition and learn knowledge and skills about art while improving their Japanese language skills.
Students are enrolled in one of the university’s four fully online courses (Arts and Literature, Art Writing, Calligraphy, and Illustration Courses) of the University’s Correspondence Education Department, which can be fully graduated online, and can learn without going to school using the Internet.
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  • Point (3): Expand online classes! Production courses with practical skills can also be graduated online.

In the Nihonga course, western-style painting course, and spatial production design course, in addition to face-to-face classes at conventional universities, online (remote) classes are offered at home. You can choose a class style according to your life style, and you can graduate without going to school.
In addition to the above courses, online classes are introduced in multiple subjects. For example, about 20 courses are offered online for general education courses that all courses can take.

Due to the rapid changes in lifestyles that have made online use daily and familiar, the number of students enrolled in the University in 2021 has increased significantly from the previous year to 247%, and the enthusiasm for correspondence education is increasing even more.
“I don’t want to give up learning even if it’s a corona disaster.” The University takes this idea seriously and has created an environment where people from all walks of life, from young people over the age of 18 to working adults, can learn. Why don’t you live a rich life surrounded by art with a learning method that is possible only because it is correspondence education, no matter the time or place?

  • Department and course composition

■Department of Arts and Sciences
■Department of Art (Arts Course, Historical Heritage Course, Literary Course, Japanese Traditional Culture Course, Art Writing Course)
■ Art Course (Nihonga Course, Western-style Painting Course, Ceramics Course, Dyeing and Weaving Course, Photography Course, Calligraphy Course)
■ Design Course (Graphic Design Course, Architectural Design Course, Landscape Design Course, Spatial Presentation Design Course, Illustration Course)

【Graduate School】
■Interdisciplinary Design Research Area
■Research in the Arts and Environment (Comparative Arts, Cultural Heritage and Traditional Arts, Arts Education, Regional Cultural Design)
■Arts and Crafts (Japanese Painting, Western-style Painting)
■Environmental design field (architectural design field, Japanese garden field)
■Transcendental Program (Shigeo Goto Lab., Yoshiaki Aoki Lab., Toyomi Hoshina Lab.)

▽Application Guidelines 2022
【Graduate School】

Correspondence Course, Kyoto University of Arts
Established in 1998 as Japan’s first four-year correspondence university of the arts. The Correspondence Education Department has 17 courses in 4 departments, and more than 10,000 people from all positions and occupations, such as office workers, housewives, and retirement, are studying all over Japan and overseas. We have established a learning website “airu” that is easy for working adults to learn, and we have established a mechanism that allows you to learn anytime, anywhere, and one of the features is detailed correction guidance with more than 20 years of experience. In 2007, we established the Graduate School of Correspondence Systems.
【Graduate School】
Department organization: 4 departments 17 courses (Department of Arts and Sciences, Art Department, Art Department, Design Department)
Number of students: 10,619
*Regular course students, Faculty of Arts, Correspondence Education Department, as of May 1, 2021

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