Story Funding SPIN (Spin) that nurtures the talent of the earth, a lodging-type share workshop project to experience recycling-type living in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture will start on July 7th!

At “Story Funding SPIN (Spin)” that nurtures the talents of the earth, operated by Freewill Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshi Asaba), which aims to realize a sustainable world with the power of ICT and design, A project to create a lodging-type shared workshop where you can experience handiwork and recycling-oriented living in Higashiyoshino Village, Nara Prefecture, will start on July 7 (Thursday) with a goal of 2.4 million yen. Mr. Utsunomiya, the promoter and owner of the dyeing and weaving workshop “Utsusemi”, wants people to experience the happiness of living in harmony with nature by experiencing such a recycling-oriented lifestyle that shares various traditional handiwork and lifestyles and connects them to the next generation.

■ The old-fashioned Japan lifestyle is a circular lifestyle that is happy and coexists with nature

Japan ranked 56th in the happiness ranking in 2021, and it is said that it is a country with a low happiness level among developed countries. In addition, because Japan has been promoting growth that relies on fossil fuels, it is sometimes criticized by other countries as environmentally underdeveloped countries that are behind in decarbonization.
However, the old-fashioned Japan had a wonderful circular lifestyle that coexisted with nature.
Mr. Utsunomiya, who runs the dyeing and weaving workshop “Utsusemi”, wanted to do “work that I can do by myself, from 1 to 10” after the closure of the movie company he had been running for many years, so he studied technology at a dyeing and weaving school, and moved to Higashiyoshino Village in Nara Prefecture. When I create works while receiving the blessings of nature and precious life, I feel that I am only a small part of this great nature, and I am filled with an undeserved sense of happiness and security.

■ I want to share a sense of happiness and a sense of security that unites with nature

An irreplaceable moment that can only be experienced by those who have experienced it. Mr. Utsunomiya thought that it would be too wasteful to keep this feeling unique to himself, so he decided to renovate the current workshop and provide it as a place where you can enjoy various handicrafts and “experiences of clothing, food, and housing” together. Then, we started creating a lodging-type shared workshop where you can experience handiwork and living.
・ As a workshop where you can also stay, experience living in harmony with nature
・ Experience recycling-oriented manufacturing in the fields beside the workshop and in the mountains behind the workshop, cultivating and planting plants that are materials for yarn and plants that serve as dyes for dyeing plants and trees, and “using them while growing”
・ In addition to the experiences of “thread making”, “vegetation dyeing” and “weaving” that we have provided so far, we invite creators from various fields living in Okuyamato to provide a place where people inside and outside the village can interact.
Higashiyoshino Village is a “creative village” and is also a place where many creators gather. Craftsmen, designers, architects, etc. are active nearby, so we aim to collaborate with them and aim to be a workshop where we can share experiences.

■ Convey not “efficiency” but “the wonder of work done by human hands”

When he was working as a company employee in Tokyo, Mr. Utsunomiya valued “efficiency.” We leave what can be done with machines to machines, and work mainly on the parts where creativity is required. At the time, I thought it was important to work in that way.
But the body that ached from hours of spinning, weaving cloth, and sewing, and the fingertips that were dyed and colored were all adorable. It’s not like we’re going back to the old days. I felt that the magnificence of the work done by human hands is precious. It is also about learning how to live a rich life as a person. We can live “abundantly for both people and nature.”
While connecting with people inside and outside the village, I would like to create a place where I can inherit traditional handiwork and share the practice of rich country life with as many people as possible, and pass on this technology and culture to the next generation. I hope that many people will participate in this project and make it an opportunity for people and nature to live in abundance.

For a detailed story of the project, please visit the SPIN site:

■Crowdfunding Project Overview

・Project name: I want to create a lodging-type share workshop in the forest of Esinu (Yoshino) where you can experience living in harmony with nature and handiwork!
Project URL:
・Total target: 2.4 million yen
・Application period: July 7, 2022 ~ October 10, 2022
・Usage: Share workshop production cost, accommodation fee
・Returns: Seasonal vegetation dyeing workshop participation tickets, esinu gift certificates, kimonos or obi made by yourself, handmade kimonos or obi from yarn, accommodation vouchers, etc.

  • Project promoter: Dyeing and weaving workshop “Utsusemi” Hiroko Utsunomiya 

After graduating from Hiroshima University, he joined a department store in Tokyo. Engaged in the development of communication media with customers. In order to deepen his knowledge in this field, he decided to study at NYU at the age of 29 and went to New York. While living back and forth between Osaka and Tokyo, he came across Hong Kong cinema and started a film company. Later, in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Senkaku Islands issue, the film company was closed. With the support of many people, I went on to the path of dyeing and weaving. In November 2017, after moving to Higashiyoshino Village, he opened a dyeing and weaving workshop “Sky Cicada”.

Dyeing and Weaving Workshop Sky Cicadas

Introductory Video

  • About Story Funding Service “SPIN”

“SPIN” is a new participatory crowdfunding service that can solicit sympathy and support from all over the world at the industry’s lowest commission. It has become a story funding service that “nurtures the talents of the earth”, and a number of social contribution type projects around the world become “stories” that resonate with the heart, connecting the project promoters and supporters, and nurturing “the talent of the earth” together. By using blockchain technology to visualize the flow of donations, prevent unauthorized use of donations, and ensure transparency, you can donate to supporters with peace of mind.

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  •  About Freewill Inc.

It is an IT company with a sister company in Silicon Valley that conducts ICT engineering and social service development. We are working on an in-house environment and in-house services that allow the generation that wants to work and live in accordance with “FREEWILL” to play an active role. In 2022, we will enter our 17th term, and about 200 staff members will gather from all over the world, including Asia, Africa, and the United States, as well as Japan. In December 2019, we released three social services, including “Story Funding Service SPIN, which Nurtures Earth’s Talents,” with the goal of realizing a Sustainable eco Society that enables the enrichment of human society and the coexistence and co-prosperity of the global environment, with the goal of realizing a Sustainable eco Society that enables the enrichment of human society and the coexistence and co-prosperity of the global environment. In October 2021, he opened “Ethical Online Market Tells Market, where the forest increases just by shopping”. In December 2021, we launched the Sustainable eco Society system, a mechanism to distribute expired points from customers to “forest seedlings”.

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