At the international design competition “A’ Design Award & Competition 2022”, the Japanese tableware subscription service “CRAFTAL” won the bronze prize

Culture Generation Japan Co., Ltd. (Culture Generation Japan, Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Takuya Hotta), Catal LLC (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Employee: Shusuke Urata), Izawa Corporation (Tajimi-shi, Gifu Prefecture / Representative Director: Hideya Izawa) operates a subscription service for Japanese tableware in various places in Japan area” CRAFTAL was awarded in the CULTURAL HERITAGE AND CULTURE INDUSTRY DESIGN category of the world’s largest international design competition “A’ Design Award & Competition 2022” (Adash Design Award & Competition 2022) held in Milan, Italy. We are pleased to announce that we have received the Bronze Award.

A’, a design award established in 2010 to recognize outstanding design and activities under the auspices of the Como Ministry of Culture, the European Design Association, the International Union of Interior Architects and Designers, the International Communication Design Council, the International Industrial Design Council, and others, with the aim of promoting the practice of excellence and quality design, the approach to the essence of things, and awarding it to the world. Design Award & Competition」。 This year, a number of internationally renowned academics, renowned journalists, designers, managers, and other international judges participated in the deliberations on designs and activities submitted by more than 108 countries.

CRAFTAL won the bronze prize in the CULTURAL HERITAGE AND CULTURE INDUSTRY DESIGN category of the A’ Design Award & Competition 2022. The Bronze Award is a prestigious award given to the top 5% of the winners, and of the seven companies that have won the category, CGJ is the only Japan company to receive the award.

  • A’ Design Award & Competition 2022 Commemorative Campaign

To commemorate this award, we will conduct a campaign to use CRAFTAL’s services, which are usually offered for 30,000 yen or more per month, for free for two months. For restaurants that have never used CRAFTAL before, we will accept applications for the campaign from July 11 (Mon) to July 24 (Sun), 2022, and we will provide services to 3 stores by lottery. Please take this opportunity to give it a try.

Campaign Special Plans
・Fee: Free
・ Score: 15 sheets (up to one exchange can be accepted within the prescribed number)
・Period: 2 months from the start date of use

How to Apply
・Period: July 11, 2022 (Mon) 0:00 – July 24 (Sun) 23:59
・How to apply: Please apply after confirming the outline from the following URL.
*The results of the lottery will be communicated directly to the selected stores after Sunday, August 1.

  • About CRAFTAL

It is a subscription service for individuals and restaurants that allows you to use and exchange Japanese tableware in various places Japan for a monthly fee. By creating a system to distribute Japanese tableware including traditional handicrafts in a subscription type, we aim to reduce the initial cost of restaurants and reduce stock space, and to connect creators and users, create recognition opportunities, and increase the frequency of use at restaurants. For individual customers, we will create opportunities to enjoy a life with Japanese tableware and the table decorated with it more freely. It is precisely because we value the change of the four seasons that Japan we will support the creation of rich daily lives and ideal restaurants for our customers according to seasonal dishes and styles.

Business Scheme: Challenges for Producers (High-priced traditional crafts are not easily sold. However, if we only make products that sell at low unit prices, technology will not evolve), and we have built a business model that can be continued by simultaneously solving user issues from both directions.
Research: In order to find out the distribution issues faced by traditional craft producers, we conducted research on the needs of consumers by interviewing hotels and restaurants with different seats and unit prices per customer. Among them, it was found that at restaurants that change course menus depending on the season, although the need for purchasing vessels is high, the cost of three points (price, ownership, labor) is a barrier to introduction. We also found that there are no standards for product development because there are many middlemen in the distribution structure of the industry as a whole, and producers themselves cannot listen to the opinions and wishes of the demand side. CRAFT was born as a mechanism to simultaneously solve these problems faced by restaurants and producers.

  • What is the A’ Design Award and Competition?

The A’ Design Award & Competition was established to promote the practice of excellence and quality design, an approach to the essence of things. The ultimate goal of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to build an incentive for designers, companies and brands around the world to create better products and services that benefit humanity. We will focus on and boost designers and brands around the world who create projects that offer added value, great usability, new features, great design, superior efficiency, improved sustainability and amazing performance.

  • About Culture Generation Japan Co., Ltd.

Culture Generation Japan is a business production company that aims to inherit and create a Japan culture that we can be proud of in the world. While layering the thoughts of various stakeholders on the traditions and technologies that are alive throughout the Japan country, we will build businesses that are suitable for the current era through business co-creation and pass on the culture of Japan to the next generation.

Company Profile
Culture Generation Japan Inc.
5-18 Yokoyamacho, Japan, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TOI BLDG. 4F
Representative Director Takuya Hotta

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