The world’s best vegan restaurant and Sanuki vegetables and Kagawa lacquerware are dream triple collaboration “Namichi in Kounkaku Dining” limited opening for 2 days

“Nado in Kounkaku Dining”, the first collaboration between vegan restaurant “Saido”, which has been selected as the world’s no. 1 (*1) and kagawa prefecture vegetables and lacquerware, will open for two days on January 22 (Sat) and 23 (Sun), 2022, at the important cultural property “Kounkaku” in tamamo park.
“Namichi in Kakuunkaku Dining” is one of the main contents of the exhibition exhibition of “SANUKI ReMIX”, a project in which artisans (craftsmen) in Kagawa Prefecture and world-famous artists co-create new art products. In collaboration with Kaoru Kawata (Sanuki vegetables), Kawaguchiya Lacquerware Store Yasuyuki Sasaki (Kagawa Lacquerware), and Chef Katsuzo Kusumoto of vegan restaurant “Namichi”, we will deliver plant-based dishes (*2) that can only be experienced at this place and “this moment”.


*The image of the dish photo (*The image of the dish photo (“At Namichi in Kounkaku Dining, three kinds of salad, soup, and chirashi sushi will be served in one dish)

*1: “Namichi” won the vegan restaurant ranking world no. 1 in November 2019 on “Happy Cow”, a restaurant information site for vegans and vegetarians in the U.S.
*2: Dishes using only plant-derived ingredients

“Namichi in Kounkaku Dining” Overview

  • Menu Title: Kaoru
  • Date: Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23, 2022
  • 【Lunch】 Part 11:00-12:00/Part 2 12:15-13:15/Part 3 13:30-14:30
  • 【Dinner】1 part 17:30-18:30 / Part 2 19:00-20:00
  • Venue: Historic Site Takamatsu Castle Ruins Tamamo Park Important Cultural Property “Kaunkaku”
  • Fee: 2,000 yen (tax included / same amount for adults and children)
  • Limited to 80 meals including lunch and dinner
  • Entrance fee to Tamamo Park (16 years old and over: 200 yen, 6 years old to 16 years old: 100 yen) is required separately.
  • Admission ticket to SANUKI ReMIX “Exhibition” is required separately
  • URL
  • Ri: Three kinds of chirashi sushi, salad, soup will be served in one dish
  • Tickets: Peatix on sale Thursday, January 6

Artisan & Artist
On Sunday, January 23, from 14:00 to 15:00, a talk session by mr. San will be held at the venue “披unkaku”.
We will talk passionately about the newly developed art products and plant-based dishes.

Kagawa Lacquerware/Kawaguchiya Lacquerware Shop Yasuyuki Sasaki Yasuyuki

At kawaguchiya lacquerware shop founded by his grandfather in Sanguki City, he started to develop products that match his current lifestyle in order to change the current situation where the lacquerware industry is declining. Using traditional craft techniques, he said, “It is a tool that allows you to feel happiness in your usual life. It is manufactured with the concept of “. The brand name was “87.5” in the sense that there was our workshop on the way from Nos. 87 to 88, a tour of 88 places in Shikoku, based on the desire to “let people know more about lacquerware from Shikoku and Kagawa”.

Vegetable/Fragrant Farm Kaoru Kawata Kaoru

Fascinated by “Sanuki no Mezame”, he inherited the asparagus department from his father who runs a poultry farm and became independent. “What I want to eat” “I want my loved ones to eat it!” We will make agricultural products that you can think of. As a local bearer, aiming for sustainable agriculture by beautifully preserving farmland, “Delicious, fun, and fragrant farm. Struggling.
< cultivation items> Sanuki no Mezame (asparagus), rapeseed, broccoli, garlic, eggplant, San Marzano, sweet corn, cauliflower, etc.

Vegan Restaurant “Namichi” / Food Specialist Katsuzo Kusumoto KUSUMOTO Katsumi

After graduating from a culinary college, he trained in French cuisine at hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, but was fascinated by the delicate taste and turned to Japanese cuisine. Since 2010, he has been welcomed as a chef at a membership-based Japanese restaurant in Tokyo and has served as a member-only restaurant owner in Tokyo for nine years. In 2019, he joined Funfair Co., Ltd., and was in charge of menu supervision for vegan restaurant “Namichi” and Malaysia “Samurai Ramen Umami Premium”. “Namichi” won the world’s No. 1 place in November 2019 on “Happy Cow”, a restaurant information site used by vegans and vegetarians around the world.



Entrance of Entrance of “Kounkaku”, an important cultural property that will be the stage

JTB Co., Ltd., which promotes exchange creation projects, and Two companies that are engaged in branding of local communities and companies are excellent, and this is the first joint exhibition project from Kagawa to be implemented with the cooperation of Takamatsu City. We aim to create new value as an art product by co-creating together with traditional craftsmen and craftsmen (Artisans) who support local industries in Kagawa Prefecture, and by mixing their aspirations and skills. The stage of this project, which serves as a cultural exchange base, is “Kounkaku”, an important cultural property of Takamatsu Castle Ruins (Tamamo Park), which has been used as a state guest house in Kagawa Prefecture since the Edo period.

SANUKI ReMIX Official Website :

  • “SANUKI ReMIX” consists of three contents of “Matching”, “Creation” and “Exhibition”.
  • At the Exhibition, which will be held from Saturday, January 22 to Saturday, January 29, there will be exhibitions and sales of works co-created by craftsmen and artists, as well as talk events and workshops to introduce each work.
  • On Friday, January 21, the day before, exploration will also be held to allow buyers and media from all over Japan to experience the world of Artisans.

We started by matching artists with major artisans,
In fact, we will create products by fusing Artisan and artists, and exhibit and sell them.


While the way people interact with each other has changed due to corona disasters, and exchanges as before have become difficult, we will present new normal ideas born from the exchange of people, starting with the important cultural property “披unkaku”.

Mr. Moriro Murakami, Creative Director

The producer is Mr. Moriro Murakami, a representative who is originally from kagawa prefecture and is still active based in Kagawa Prefecture. Focusing on communication between branding design and PR base points, we are developing activities to improve the value of local creatives, from corporate issues to social issues, utilization of local resources, and regeneration of traditional crafts.


“Matching” – ReMIX starts playing and mixing
Matching, held on Friday, November 12 at the fantastic atmosphere of “Kounkaku”, is a meeting where six artisans and five artists meet. After explaining the outline and purpose of the project from the organizers, we held a talk session by Creative Director Moriro Murakami and four artists.

“Creation” – Until Art Products Are Made
A short movie is available where you can feel the conception, thinking, and production process leading up to the completion of the work.

Outline of “Exhibition”

  • In addition to exhibiting works created by craftsmen and artists, the joint exhibition “Exhibition” will feature bonsai performances by Shigeshi Hirao, talk events, and workshops to introduce each work.
  • Date: January 22 (Sat) and 23 (Sun), 2022 10:00-19:30 / January 24 (Mon) – 29 (Sat) 10:00-16:30
  • Venue: Historic Site Takamatsu Castle Ruins Tamamo Park Important Cultural Property “Kaunkaku”
  • Fee: January 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) … 1,000 yen (tax included) each day / January 24 (Mon)-29 (Sat)… 500 yen each day (tax included)
  • The same amount of adult and child, free for infants under 2 years old
  • Admission fee to Tamamo Park (16 years old and over: 200 yen, 6 years old to under 16 years old: 100 yen) is required separately
  • Tickets: Sold at Peatix
  • URL:

*This project is the adoption of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’s “Project to Promote High Added Value of Cultural Resources in Response to With Corona”. The aim is to promote the stay and consumption of travelers by adding high added value to cultural resources, and to promote cultural tourism in with corona and to create a virtuous cycle of “cultural promotion, tourism promotion, and regional revitalization”.

Overview of each company
■JTB Corporation Corporate Service Site:
JTB is working to solve “Exchange Creation Project” by designing exchanges × places × people in response to regional and social issues. We will contribute to the expansion of the exchange population by developing tourism content utilizing local resources, and to sustainable regional development.

■Life is excellent, Co., Ltd.  URL:
Description of business: Solve regional and corporate issues with a unique creative platform that is not the end of creating, from brandig, design, advertising promotion, product design, and sales channel development support for local and corporate brands.

Contact information from general customers
JTB Takamatsu Branch TEL:087-822-0033 (9:30-17:30 Closed on Weekends and Holidays)


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