“New Kyoto Exhibition #0” and Establishment of New LLC

On Sunday, January 23, 2022, a prototype version of the “New Kyoto Exhibition #0”, a cultural event that disseminates kyoto today, will be held under the sponsorship of Shin-GYO (established in July 2021).

[What is Shin-GO LLC]
Shin-GO LLC is a Kyoto company that makes headlines and presentations on things that will sprout in the future in order to carry out efforts to disseminate Kyoto to the world. On July 15, 2021, kyoto-based Kumiko Koba, Hayami Matsukura, and Masahiko Murakami co-founded the company.

[About New Kyoto Exhibition]
“Shin Kyoto Exhibition” is an event to present the local culture of Kyoto at the 3rd exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of Kyoto City Kangyokan “Miyako Messe”. This exhibition aims to disseminate the seeds of many cultures that are emerging in Kyoto, and together with exhibitors selected in the new and old cross-disciplinary types, we will create a space that embodies Kyoto’s new culture, including online offline.

On January 23, 2022, “New Kyoto Exhibition #0”, which mainly provides talk events and real exchanges, will be held as a prototype version of “New Kyoto Exhibition”. (Stage program will be archived excerpted at a later date)

On the day of the event, in addition to the stage program and booth exhibition, there will be a place to exchange opinions with people deeply involved in kyoto’s culture around the round table.

[Talking about New Kyoto through a variety of stage programs]
In this stage program, we are planning a talk session inviting guests who are suitable to talk about the current kyoto’s uniqueness and the new movement of Kyoto.

◆New Kyoto Exhibition #0 Stage Speakers *In no particular order, titles omitted
YouTuber Kotatsu is ~~!!!

SAVVY Editor-in-Chief Tadami Takemura

Japanese Restaurant Kenno Sakai Kenno (right)

LURRA° Takumi Miyashita (leftmost photo)

Things, Hitoki Sakurai

Information will be released sequentially on the “New Kyoto Exhibition” event page (
In “Shop Exploration Talk”, Kotatsu is !!! (YouTuber) and Mr. Takemura (Editor-in-Chief of SAVVY) will be invited to explore various shops, the fun of Kyoto as a local color, and the role of the media in the future.

In “The World of Restaurants from 20,000 Yen Per Customer”, lurra° Miyashita, Japanese cuisine Mr. Sakai Kenno, and Gibier MIYAMA Kanda will be invited to introduce the philosophy and world of luxury restaurants in Kyoto, such as why they chose Kyoto and the significance of their restaurants, while chefs in their 20s and 30s are conspicuously opening independently in Kyoto.

In addition, we will hold talk sessions to delve into the charm of “New Kyoto” from various perspectives, such as talk at fashion retail stores that are responsible for their own kyoto culture, and the charm of foreign residents choosing Kyoto to start a business and continuing to live, aiming to become the crossroads of Kyoto’s culture in the future.

【Attractive exhibition booths active in Kyoto】
Each store that embodies kyoto’s new movement and local color will also exhibit at the booth. A wide variety of stores, including rare exhibits, gather to color the New Kyoto Exhibition. You can enjoy a variety of kyoto-based sales and activities such as miscellaneous goods, florists, non-alcoholic cocktails, Buddhism, baked potatoes, wine and coffee, natto, salsiccia, etc.

[Baked potato Takemura]:
A popular baked potato shop that was certified as a living national treasure of The Maniwa in a TV program broadcast on January 1, 2022. It seems to be usually sold in the city (Sanjo Karasuma). This time, the sales car will actually appear in Miyako Messe.

[edalab .]:
edalab., a florist who works mainly on facility space decoration and events and attempts to capture plants from the surrounding area, will appear “Black Florist” at New Kyoto Exhibition #0.

[Boozake Ikusei]:
You can enjoy the original non-alcoholic cocktail “Mizusuri” at the New Kyoto exhibition. Please look forward to the unique taste using special aromatic distilled water.

[Freestyle Monks]:
Freestyle monks who have the concept of a “mobile temple” in which the temple moves to people, but explore and convey how to convey the teachings along the modern age and the land, distribute free papers. Please feel free to talk to your monk.

[Fujiwara Foods]:
Fujiwara Foods makes and sells Kyoto-born Kyoto natto. Natto Yaya is engaged in various initiatives such as selling goods such as fashionable tote bags of Kyoto natto, business trip for breakfast, and subscribing to natto.

◆New Kyoto Exhibition #0 Exhibitors *In no particular order, titles omitted
Sake Brewery
Fujiwara Foods
Freestyle Monks
Grilled Potato Takemura
Salsiccia! Deli [sasiccia! DELI】
Information will be released sequentially on the “New Kyoto Exhibition” event page (

[4 kinds of logo design by budding creators living in Kyoto]
This time, we thought that it was important not to be bound by one image when expressing kyoto with diversity, so we asked four groups of designers based in Kyoto to express their respective “New Kyoto”. In the future, we plan to collaborate with several creators who are worthy of expressing New Kyoto in creative.

Ryu Mieno
graphic designer


UMMM Co., Ltd.


YAKUMI/Tomoko Shiraki
graphic designer


Elisa Tanaka

【Outline of New Kyoto Exhibition】
Event name: “New Kyoto Exhibition #0”

Date: Sunday, January 23, 2022, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Venue: Kyoto City Kangyokan “Miyako Messe” 3F Exhibition Hall A (planned)

Address: 〒606-8343 9-1 Okazaki Seishojicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-762-2630

Admission: 3,000 yen (tax included)

About ticket sales
Ticket applications for “New Kyoto Exhibition #0” are accepted at the Petix link below.
Please check the event details as well.
Peatix Links
* You can enter and exit the venue as many times as you like with the ticket you purchased.

Stage program
Exhibition booths
Round table

◆On the day of participation
If you are unwell or have a body temperature of 37°C or higher, please refrain from participating. On the day, food and drinks and smoking are not allowed in the venue.

[Co-representative profile and comments of three new GODO Companies] ※Posted in alphabetical order

◆Kumiko Kojimaki

Graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. After working in concept research, branding research, marketing for consumer goods, and business strategy and planning sales of Recruit Zexy at a foreign research company, he became independent in 2015. Conduct research, planning, and PM for research, planning, and PM for the use of real estate and the launch of new businesses in the advertising field.

Various achievements: In charge of research design and project management, such as the current situation of foreign visitors to Japan by local governments, the tourism landing type product creation business, research and planning proposals for new business proposals of major media, and a committee member of the Kyoto City Transportation Bureau subway vehicle design advisory committee. In addition, as an expert in coworking spaces, he writes and takes the stage in various articles such as research reports requested by the Kyoto Industrial Tourism Bureau and contribution to the Forbes magazine “Workmill”.

Comment: What kind of business and culture should be passed on to the next generation without being bound by the size of the business? And I’m interested in the process of visualizing business and cultural thinking. I would like to discover and understand various buds through a lot of points of contact. Looking ahead to the future, we will engage in initiatives that make local, urban and space more interesting.

◆Hayabaru Matsukura
Nue Inc., Inc.

After working in production in Tokyo and Kyoto, he established ovaqe inc at the end of 2011 and Nue inc., a consulting firm specializing in research, planning and creative in 2017. Develop communication design, planning, and strategic design regardless of the area. Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Industry and Sociology.


Comment: There are countless fascinating cultures in Kyoto where we live. Compared to other cities, kyoto has a high density and culture in a small city. Therefore, it is a rare city where you can still see a new side of Kyoto even after living for many years, such as missing the culture that was alive right next door. In the world of traditional crafts nurtured by Kyoto, it is said that a long history was spun by changing day by day. In the same way, I hope to be able to deliver the present of Kyoto, a city where new cultures that have just sprouted are changing day by day and the culture that continues to grow lives.

◆Masahiko Murakami
Representative Director, Skeleton Crew Studio Co., Ltd.

He moved to the United States in 2001 and studied art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 
After working for a local game company, he returned to Japan in 2009. After working as a representative of a subsidiary at a game development company in Kyoto, he established his own company Skeleton Crew Studio Co., Ltd. in 2016.
With game development at the core, we are developing new challenges using vr/AR and other technologies. As a director of the Japan Independent Game Association (JIGA), he will host the indie game festival BitSummit.

Various achievements: “Dead Space”, “The Sims 3”, “STEEL DIVER”, “Cooperation! GHOST ATTACKERS VR”, “VR Space Museum DIONE”, “NohxAR” “NohxAR”, “Gion Festival KANKOBOKO XR”, “GUNPLA PRESENTATION VR”, “SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE GLOBAL SALON” etc

Comment: A new generation is making an interesting role in Kyoto, which is often talked about in tradition and culture. I would be happy if we could create a place where we can discover the value of new Kyoto through chemical reactions that occur by bringing together the young generation who will be responsible for Kyoto in the future.

【Organizer and Operating Company Information】
Shingodo Gongsha

Head Office: 108 Machizu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
Established: July 15, 2021

Representative: Kumiko Koba Matsukura Hayami Masahiko Murakami

Business description:
For culture creation
Planning and management of events, lectures, symposia, seminars, etc.
Planning and development of web, graphic design, etc.
Management consulting
Event staff and entertainment mediation business
Worker dispatching business
We will conduct all business related to all each issue.


Establishment-related companies
Nue inc.
Skeleton Crew Studio Co., Ltd. (Skeleton Crew Studio, Inc.)

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