京都市内の工芸関連のイベントやショップ、ギャラリーなどのスポットを紹介する「CRAFT POINT KYOTO」開催決定

「CRAFT POINT KYOTO」(主催:京都伝統産業ミュージアム)は、京都市が定めた「伝統産業の日」である3月21日(毎年春分の日を「伝統産業の日」とする)を中心に、2月から3月にかけて京都市内で行われる工芸に関わるイベントやショップ、ギャラリーなどのスポットを紹介し、暮らしとものづくりを繋ぐプロジェクトです。


「CRAFT POINT KYOTO」では、工芸品を扱うショップやギャラリー、制作体験やオープンファクトリーを実施する工房など、ものづくりや伝統を体感したり、購入できる工芸スポットをマップにしてご紹介します。

*The core period will be from Tuesday, March 1 to Monday, March 14.
メイン会場:京都伝統産業ミュージアム(京都市左京区岡崎成勝寺町9-1 みやこめっせB1F)


  • 「CRAFT POINT KYOTO」のセンターとなるのは京都伝統産業ミュージアム



Admission: Free
(Last admission at 16:30)
Monday, March 28

< Event held at Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industries>

Crafts of a new eraCrafts of a new era

◎New Era crafts POPUP SHOP
Dates: Saturday, February 19 – Monday, March 31, 2022
Venue: Permanent exhibition area
We will exhibit and sell new forms of products that are close to modern life made by kyoto’s traditional craft workshops.
Please try to find your favorite item by all means.





◎The Land of KOUGEI
Dates: March 1 (Tue)-March 14 (Mon), 2022
Venue: Special Exhibition Room

Kyoto KOUGEI WEEK, which has created various exchanges and social connections through crafts, such as international symposiums, hotel-type exhibitions, and workshops to make wooden surfboards, will hold exhibitions that bring together various projects that have been held so far.

Dates: March 1 (Tue)-March 14 (Mon), 2022
Venue: Permanent exhibition area

“DIALOGUE” is an exhibition of crafts held from March 9th to 12th at Hotel Kanla Kyoto. We will introduce products and creators selected by DIALOGUE from operators nationwide who exhibit there.

◎Inspiration Of Kyoto
Dates: March 9 -13, 2022
Venue: MOCAD Gallery

Inspiration Of Kyoto is a project by the Kyoto Central Shinkin Bank and Kyoto City to collaborate with craftsmen and artists in the traditional field by French designers to make things. We will exhibit the items that were born from this initiative.

◎March of craftsmen
Dates: March 19 -March 31, 2022
Venue: Special Exhibition Room

Young craftsmen under the age of 35 will demonstrate their work and exhibit their works. You can experience the daily steps of young craftsmen who are lively in the season where you can feel the breath of spring.

< Miyako >


Dates: Saturday, March 12 – Sunday, March 13, 2022
Venue: Miyako Messe B1F   Exhibition Hall 1
Admission: Free
Organizer: Miyako Messe (Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center Co., Ltd.)

There are many attractive ingredients that are not yet known in Kyoto. Hold a food marche that collects them! Please take home a number of delicious ingredients carefully made by the creator.

◎The 3rd Kyoto International Gift Show 2022 
Dates: March 9 -10, 2022
Venue: Miyako Messe 1F – 3F Exhibition   Hall 2nd and 3rd Floor
Organizer: Business Guide
* Registration is required for admission for business meetings.

We will hold exhibition business meetings for products with the keyword of “gifts”, such as crafts,   lifestyles, and fashion items. The WAZA Expo, which focuses on the skilled skills of craftsmen, the skills created from tradition and experience, will also be held as a special event.


  • Events scheduled to be held throughout the city

During the period, many events related to crafts such as exhibitions, marches, and talk events will be held in various places in Kyoto City. You can enjoy crafts from various angles, so please come and visit.



◎Kyoto Crafts Exhibition DIALOGUE
Dates: Wednesday, March 9 – Saturday, March 12, 2022
*Business meetings are held all day on the 9th and 10th and until 5:00 p.m. on the 11th.
The general public is not allowed to enter.
Venue: Hotel Kanla Kyoto
Admission: 1,000 yen
Organizer: Kyoto KOUGEI WEEK Executive Committee 

Dialogue, which started in 2018, will be held for the fifth time. Hotel Kanla Kyoto’s guest rooms are the exhibition venues, and it is an exhibition and sales event that introduces crafts and handicraft creators. Creators from all over Japan, mainly in Kyoto, gather to convey their own manufacturing feelings to visitors.


Dates: March 1 (Tue)-March 14 (Mon), 2022
(*Varies by venue)

Admission: Free (*varies by venue)

Among the events held in various places in Kyoto city during “KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK”, we will introduce the venue recommended by DIALOGUE as “FRIENDSHIP venue”. Exhibitions and talk events of a wide range of genres such as crafts, design, art, etc. are held.


  • The “Workshop Concierge” of the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry is in charge of the experience and open factory.

For experiences at the workshop introduced at CRAFT POINT KYOTO, we will accept it at the “Workshop Concierge” ( of the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry!
By carefully touring the actual production scenery, mainly in workshops that are not usually open to the public, you can feel the deep charm of Kyoto that you can not usually feel.
Please try it during this period.

Contact: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry (In charge: Sato, Oe)

  • “CRAFT POINT KYOTO” map publication business operator recruitment!

We will introduce craft spots in Kyoto City on the website and maps distributed in paper media. Therefore, we are looking for the following businesses that you wish to post. Please apply by all means.

Target: Traditional industry-related businesses operating in Kyoto City
Only businesses that can be visited by the general public, such as workshops tours, experiences, and sales
Examples) Gallery shops selling crafts, workshops where anyone can visit, facilities where visitors can experience traditional crafts, etc.
Posting fee: Free
Contents: Business address, contact information, website, contents (main sales items, experience contents, workshop tour, reservation required, etc.)
Application period: From Monday, December 27, 2021 to Friday, January 14, 2022
How to apply: Please apply from the website (
Contact: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry (In charge: Asai, Oe)
Email address:

All businesses that applied will be posted on the website, but the distribution map will be posted with a limited area for the convenience of the magazine space. The secretariat will select and adjust the listed businesses after comprehensive judgment. Please note that we do not guarantee the publication of all business operators. In addition, we may ask you to provide photos according to the media posted, so please cooperate.

  • “CRAFT POINT KYOTO KIOSK” exhibitors are being recruited!

Craft POINT KYOTO KIOSK, an exhibition and sales event for traditional industrial operators with a theme every time, will be held on weekends during craft point KYOTO. Therefore, we will recruit businesses that wish to open a store at a sales meeting.
In addition, there is a selection when selecting a store opening business operator. Please check the kyoto traditional industry museum website for the conditions of the sale.

Period: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from February 19 to March 31, 2022
*Excluding Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13
Venue: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry and Miyako Mese B1F
Theme: “Kitchen and Crafts”, “Stationery and Crafts”, “Fragrance and Crafts”, “Cute and Craft” “Children and Crafts”
Exhibition fee: Free
Application period: From Monday, December 27, 2021 to Friday, January 14, 2022
How to apply: Please apply from the website (
Contact: Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industry (In charge: Asai, Oe)
Email address:

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