“Digithoma 2021”, a virtual world art fair planned by the cultural property architecture “Tomake House” in Takahata-cho, Nara City|, is held in real and online!

Digitoma 2021 is a digital art fair held at the historical art space “Touma Family Renovation” in Takahata-cho, Nara City!
Works created by 52 all-genre creators will be exhibited in a virtual space and will be released at the 360° VR Gallery on YouTube with local projections from 0:00 on Friday, December 24 to 23:59 on Tuesday, December 28.
The exhibits can be purchased as NFT from the link on our website.
Digitoma 2021 (Agency for Cultural Affairs ARTS for the future! Projects eligible for subsidies)

what is < Digitoma 2021>
This is a digital art fair planned by the historical art space “Toumaya House Renovation” in Takahata-cho, Nara City, with the aim of helping creators of the new Corona Evil and preserving historical architecture.
The works of 52 creators who produce using different media will be exhibited in a virtual space and will be exhibited at the local projection and the 360° VR gallery on YouTube (source: NFTown).
The exhibits can be purchased as NFT from a link on our website.

Inspired by architectural objects that were once the residence of Priest Kasuga, to nara deer-themed ones, to artists’ freedom to create works, the seemingly random selection of works makes the viewer imagine the relationship between the works.
Narrative curation creates a chance story with the sound of adjacent works.
Experience your own story in a world of Digitoma that changes depending on the fantasies of each person who visits the VR gallery!


< Artist >
guruguruhyena / Yu Sumiya / EXCALIBUR / SHIROISHI Kikuya / ERINA / Ayako Ehara / Takumi / SUI THE TOKYO / Y-BALANCE / Hermipe / Goro Ishihata / Sange Beard / ache._ / Yon / Yamanobe Hasaky / YU-YU / Gin kumoxel / Harden / masa mizuochi / Lightning Arrest / Dan kururu Urai / Eiki Okuda / Ebichippu / Tomoya Morohoshi / Kohei Takayama / Yu Kurosaka / Shigeru Hosoda / Takumi Yoshichi / Hiroko Yamamoto / Yoshihiko Nomura / shogo8802 / Kenta Ryooka / Yusuke Isao / MuSuHi (Akiyoshi Mishima× Takaoka Harumitsu) / Steve Etou / Kiko Ihara / Momokei / Sakiharu Kubo / Asakabi / MAROJIB / Ueta / Akiko Kano / Kaoru Shibuta / Hiroshi Kobayashi / Shimura / Pancho Rabbit / Copatomo / Natsuki Tanitame / Masashi Hiura / Chieko Nagamine / Tamuraryo (Music courtesy of Love is Hell (In the End))

Date and time of <>
2021/12/24 (Fri) 0:00 – 12/28 (Tue) 23:59
*Local special exhibitions are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. | 500 yen at the time of admission / person

< venue>
YouTube [Fujima family house renovation / Toma Unrestored] channel
Fujima Family Housing Website
Real Venues:
Fujima Family Residence 1325-1 Takahata-cho, Nara-shi, Nara 630-8301

                                                                        Michael Carapetian “Glass House Photography Exhibition” 2019
<-sponsored >
Takahata Trust

< sponsorship >

< NFT Sales >
The exhibits of Digithoma 2021 are sold as NFT.
The sales of the works will lead to the preservation of the Fujima family residence, which is a cultural property building in Nara City, and support for artists’ activities. Please see each NFT sales platform linked to the website under renovation of the Fujima family house.

What is fujima house <>
It is the only remaining company building in Takahata-cho, Nara City, a town where the priests of Kasuga Taisha once lived. Since it became vacant a few years ago, the collapse has been in danger, but in 2017, activities for conservation began. In parallel with the renovation of the building, an art space was created as a place for exhibition of artists’ works / a studio for residency production.
Based on the idea that the renovation process and diversion to art spaces are also part of the important history of architecture, the project name is “Fujima Family House Renovation”.
Through art and culture, we aim to free yourself from traditional barriers and prejudices and free yourself from a slightly boring daily life.

“Fujima Family House” 2020
< What is NFTown? >
NFT sales business support service for real and virtual events for companies, organizations, and local governments. Through NFT and gallery sales through creator collaboration of cultural properties and traditional crafts, we will aim to revitalize local communities and revitalize the region at the same time as expanding awareness of problems such as repairs, preservation costs, and succession of traditional crafts that bear the burden of owners of cultural properties and national treasures.

*About Xenotun Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Location: 403 1-15-9 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoshikatsu Kawase
Established: December 9, 2019
Business description:
With “Animation for Metaverse”, it is a production company that creates new entertainment and creator economy with “Animation × Tech”. TikTok opened a 3DCG production studio “Yasuda Phenomena Studio by Xenotoon” centered on “Yasuda Phenomenon”, which has the top followers in Japan as an anime writer and creator, and started production of feature films that will be yasuda phenomenon’s first director. In addition, we are developing business that makes use of our strengths in content production, such as being in charge of planning, producing and operating Netflix’s first official VTuber “N child (Nuko), Mei, Kurono”. We offer unprecedented “heterogeneous” entertainment to the global market with a cross-platform real and digital platform.

<Special Thanks>
Sub-naked eye Co., Ltd.
Tone Co., Ltd.
Iger Co., Ltd.

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