A new series of craftsmen that fuse Rubik’s Cube and Japanese crafts

Megahouse Co., Ltd. (BANDAI NAMCO Group, President and CEO: Akihiro Sato / Taito-ku, Tokyo) will start accepting reservations from 11:00 on Friday, November 19, 2021, and will ship “Craft Rubik’s Cube Kutaniyaki Gosai”, a masterpiece of the “Craft Rubik’s Cube” series that fuses Rubik’s Cube and Japanese crafts, at Premium Bandai from February 2022.

 The “Craft Rubik’s Cube” series is a product series that fuses Rubik’s Cube, which continues to fascinate the world as a toy, with Japanese crafts that have been handed down in the past. Based on the concept of “touching on things that should be passed down through the ages and awakening the sensibilities that people originally possess,” through collaboration between Rubik’s Cube and Japanese crafts, we will disseminate our sensitivity and re-recognition of the culture that should be inherited both domestically and internationally. This series (product) can be enjoyed as “decorative art work” and “playable toy”.
The first step in the series, Takumiichidan, used Ishikawa Prefecture’s traditional craft “Kutani ware” as the tile part of the Rubik’s Cube. One of the features of Kutani ware is the over-painting that freely utilizes green, yellow, purple, navy blue, and red color paint called “Kutani Gosai”. In this product, white is added to these five colors, and the beauty of Kutani Gosai is reproduced with glaze without daring to put a pattern. Kutani ware tiles are carefully finished one by one by Kutani Ceramics, a 80-year-old kutani pottery. Please enjoy turning, decorating, and decorating the color reproduced with the weight peculiar to porcelain, the moist and absorbing touch, and the glaze.

  • Dedicated package that can be used as a display pedestal. Black mirror top plate that the main body reflects beautifully


  • Caption plate with serial number


  • Kutani Gosai tiles with beautiful glaze texture


  • Founded more than 80 years ago, kutani kiln Motokida ceramics’ craftsmanship
    The tiles of this product are carefully made one by one by following the same process as ordinary Kutani ware.

♦ Product Details
Product name: Craft Rubik’s Cube Kutani ware Gosai
The contents of a set: Rubik’s Cube body, Kutani ware Gosai guide
Dedicated pedestal BOX (with serial number, with folding cover), instruction manual
Body size and weight: (W) 62× (D) 62× (H) 62 mm, approx. 153 g
Order period: From Friday, November 19, 2021 at 11:00 to Monday, December 27, 2021 15:00
Release date: Shipment sequentially from February 2022
Price: 99,000 yen (tax included, postage not included)
Sales page: Premium Bandai
Product page:
※This product is a made-to-order product. Shipment will be limited to Japan.
Publisher: Megahouse Co., Ltd., Planning and Design: Age Design Co., Ltd., Cooperation: Kutani Kiln Motokita Ceramics

 Craft Rubik’s Cube Series Special Site

  • Features of Kutani ware

Kutani ware, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture that was born around 1655, has produced various uee techniques and is highly popular as a “Japan Kutani” from overseas. It is still produced in a wide range of areas in Ishikawa Prefecture, including Kanazawa City, Komatsu City, Kaga City, and Nomi City, and is sold domestically and internationally as japan’s leading ceramics.
The first feature of Kutani ware is the style that was painted using green, yellow, purple, navy blue, and red color paint called “Kutani Gosai”.

  • Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle developed by Elnot Rubik.
It started in 1974 when I made it out of wood to explain 3D geometry to students.
In 1977, it was commercialized under the name of “Magic Cube” in Hungary and recorded an unusual hit.
Since 1980, the name has been changed to “Rubik’s Cube” and it has been expanded worldwide.
It was released in Japan on July 25, 1980.
Rubik’s Cube Official Website:

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