【First in Japan】NFTization of “Ryukyu Induta”, a nationally designated traditional craft

Pihana Consulting Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukiki Okamoto, hereinafter Pihana Consulting), a business design firm that creates new business value by utilizing the culture and technology that was considered “natural” in Japan, is a Ryukyu Bottler Business Cooperative, Ryukyu Bottleta Craftsmen, a general incorporated association composed from private companies, In cooperation with the Chinen Red Type Research Institute, “Ryukyu Ingata NFT”, a service that enables monetization by selling digital data of this dyeing and pattern of “Ryukyu Ingrata”, a nationally designated traditional craft that is a symbol of Ryukyu culture, as Nible (Non-Fung Token)(*1) and promoting product development using this data will start on Thursday, December 9, 2021.
In “Ryukyu Induta NFT”, we will release the right to not only convert the digital data of ryukyu bottlekata with high design to NFT, but also to promote the development and sale of products using this design data, and to inspect ryukyu bottlekata workshops in the future. At present, it is difficult to obtain all traceability related to the use of this data, but first of all, by converting it into NFT, we will expand the opportunities to utilize Ryukyu Bottleta design data and acquire new revenue opportunities at Ryukyu Bottleta Kobo.
“NFT” means Non Fungible Token (non-fungible token) and refers to tokens issued on the blockchain that cannot be substituted.

■What is Ryukyu Bottledal?
Ryukyu Ingrata is the most representative traditional hand-dyed product in Okinawa that expresses the rich nature and characteristics of Okinawa with vivid colors and patterns. Until prewar days, it was dyed as Ryukyu costumes and as a Japanese dress after the war and spread throughout the country more than before the war. It is said that ryukyu bottled chicken originated around the 15th century based on dyeing techniques such as sarasa in China, India, and Java. Due to the influence of the Satsuma invasion, ryukyu disposal, the Pacific War, etc., it disappeared many times in history, and each time it was possible to overcome the rough waves and connect to the present and spin history.

■Overview of “Ryukyu Bottleta NFT” service and background of service release
Today, various traditional crafts are disappearing in Japan. Ryukyu bottled fields are no exception, and there are challenges in passing on the technology of the production area due to the aging of dye craftsmen and the decrease in craftsmen, and although the works and products are transmitted to future generations, the techniques and techniques of the craftsmen who made them, and the tools that made them possible, are disappearing with the decline of the production area without being firmly inherited. In addition, because it is an analog traditional industry, digitalization has not caught up in the license management of Ryukyu bottled design, and ryukyu bottledat designs are often used elsewhere without permission, and there are scenes where legitimate consideration for the craftsman’s technology is not obtained, and there is a reality that craftsmen’s lives are in dire straits by missing revenue opportunities.

In “Ryukyu Bottlekata NFT”, we will not only convert this dyeing and pattern of Ryukyu ineguta, which has high design, into NFT, but will also promote the development and sale of products using this design, and will grant NFT buyers community-limited workshop inspection rights in the future and release them. At present, it is difficult to obtain traceability of the development and sales process of products using all designs, but first we will expand opportunities to utilize Ryukyu Bottleta design data and provide new revenue opportunities at Ryukyu Bottleta Kobo. Up to now, Pihana Consulting has supported NFT, selling the design data of this dyed and patterned paper as NFT, and by making it possible to make new monetization by selling the design data of this dyed and pattern as NFT, about 1,000 ryukyu bottled paper design data digitally archived by the Bottleata Consortium, We hope that an organization like DAO (Autonomous Decentralized) centered on ryukyu bottledta content will be born. Ryukyu Bottleta DAO aims to pass on traditional industries through a multi-stakeholder system including NFT holders. Through the latest technology called NFT, we aim to build a world view that directly connects craftsmen and users of traditional craft products.

For details of the project, please check the following “Ryukyu Bottleta NFT” website. Mr. @nobu_mei participates in this project as a co-founder.

“Ryukyu Bottleta NFT” can be purchased from the link below.
open sea:   

Foundation (hon-dyeing):

This time, the design of ryukyu bottled into NFT is from the “Chinen Komoku-Kata Laboratory”, one of the Red Three Soune family (*2) that has been in business for hundreds of years since the Ryukyu Dynasty.
Among the red-type craftsmen is a workshop called the Beni-type Sanshu family of the Chinen family, the Joma family, and the Takushi family, who served the former Ryukyu Kingdom shi family, and the “Chinen Koshiki Institute” is one of them.

■Comment from Mr. Fuyuma Chinen, Chinen Koktype Research Institute
The birth of digital art called NFT art was short, and I thought it was a field that was not yet related. I was very interested and curious about how analog red type and blockchain link together.
In the future, the digital world will be interestingly developed in a contradictory world of invisible trust and visible evidence. I think the market will expand, and the playing field of artists and creators will spread to virtual reality and there will be no limit. Under such a reason, how much will the techniques, traditions, history, and above all the texture that have been accumulated in analogy be transmitted? I would like to evolve it by continuing through trial and error both as a craftsman and as a creator. In a world where technology and culture are changing rapidly, I would like to change it with “unchanging things”. While keeping our work as it is, we would like to make changes in the way we show and develop, and breathe a new digital breath in the field of NFT.

 ■About Pihana Consulting Co., Ltd.
Pihana Consulting Co., Ltd. is a business design firm that creates new business value by utilizing the culture and technology that was considered “natural” in Japan.
Established: December 19, 2011
Location: 3-14-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Ceo: Yuki Okamoto
Business description: Consulting, new business development support, craft media management, EC and web construction services

■About the Ryukyu Bottledal Consortium
Location: 1-4-17 Kume, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0033
Representative Director: Sachiko Yatomi / Secretary General: Shinji Kowatari
Business description: Ryukyu Bottleta license business, popularization and sales business, technology transfer business, intellectual property monitoring business

■About Chinen Kohaku Hakusen Laboratory
Address: 1-27-17 Ukihara, Naha City, Okinawa 901-0153
Representative: Chinen Fuyuma

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