Recruitment starts from November 15 (Monday) of the “2nd Japanese Culture Grand Prix” of the Japanese Cultural Promotion Project

The Japan-Japanese Cultural Promotion Project (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Seiichi Kondo), established in May 2020 in order to build and establish a sustainable mechanism for the development of traditional Japanese culture through collaboration between companies, associations, and local governments in each field, will start accepting applications for the 2nd Japanese Cultural Grand Prix from Monday, November 15, 2021.

The Japan-Japanese Cultural Promotion Project, led by former Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner Seiichi Kondo, and vice president: Osamu Shigematsu, honorary chairman of the United Arrows, and Makoto Yoshida, the 14th head of the 400-year-old company, will strengthen their reputation by understanding, researching, appreciating, and using Japanese culture centered on Japanese clothing, Japanese cuisine, Japanese architecture, traditional culture, traditional crafts, etc., and strive to protect and evolve for the future. Seminars, exchange meetings, and award events on Japanese culture will be held with the aim of disseminating them overseas.

At the 1st Japan-Japanese Culture Grand Prix, a total of 130 entries were awarded, and a total of eight films were awarded, and exhibitions and sales in various places are being held sequentially. We will continue to call for the 2nd Japanese Cultural Grand Prix, and we will not only hold awards, but also commit specifically to follow up to expand demand for the winners, and strive to build and establish a mechanism for the sustainable development of modern high-level technologies and artwork that will lead to Japanese traditional culture and future traditions.

  • Grand Prix Overview ※For details, please refer to the official website.

<Recruitment Theme>
“Japanese culture, to the future!”

<Application period>
November 15, Reiwa – End of May 34, Reiwa
* The schedule contents may be changed depending on the situation of the new coronavirus.

<Eligible genres>
Products that fall under clothing/ Japanese accessories / Dyes / Textiles / Metal / Lacquer / Ceramics / Woodworking / Bamboo crafts / Glass / Living Dyning / Interior / Art work / Architecture / Others /
* There is no recruitment of the food field this time.
* The field of “Other” includes the above-mentioned artists and planning and support activities for the promotion of Japanese culture.

1. All corporations, organizations, and individuals engaged in Japanese cultural activities (regardless of nationality)
2. Age restrictions None (regardless of nationality or place of residence) including foreigners active in Japan and overseas)

<Application Conditions>
Those that have not been announced or have been released or announced within the past year. (Reiwa released after April 2013, if it is announced, it is possible)

<First application submission documents>
・ Photo (3 sheets attached to one work It is better if there is a photograph that can understand the three-dimensional composition etc.)
・ Presentation materials describing concepts, materials, techniques, and thoughts on the creation of works (A4 about 1 sheet / style free)

<Listing registration fee>
● General general type 10,000 yen, 3,000 yen added for each type increase after two events
● Students 5,000 yen, 3,000 yen added for each type of increase after two events

  •  Examination criteria

Works that fall under any of the following
・While inheriting traditional Japanese culture, it has a message for the next generation
・ Excellent technology, technique and thought
・ Proposing usage that suits modern lifestyles
・ High-quality modern technology and artwork that will lead to future traditions

*Examination of “Other” fields and activities
In our efforts to promote Japanese culture, we contribute to the development of our products by making full use of new ideas and new technologies that are thought-provoking in market development, sales channels and distribution, publicity and publicity, and the preservation, preservation, and development of materials and tools that are in danger of continuing.

*Screening – About selection decision method of each prize
・ Basically, selection by the judges based on the opinions of each person
・ The judging committee chairperson is selected from among the judges other than the organizer (Japan Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture)
・ About one judge is dispatched from the organizer side to support smooth selection

  • schedule

1. Final nominations announced (scheduled for June 2022)
2. Grand Prix and Awards (scheduled for July 2022)
3. Announced in September 2022, award ceremony scheduled
4. From October 2022, it will be sold at award-winning works, pop-up shops, etc.

  • Awards

●Grand Prix Grand Prix (1) Supplementary Prize 500,000 yen
・ Granting the right to use the designated logo mark
Support for expanding sales channels
1.Free exhibition business meetings in the seminar room of the Japan Fashion Foundation
2.Recommendation and introduction of counters to major companies in the fields of fashion, crafts, and art
3.Exhibitions at Haneda Airport and the company’s stores, provision of sales space, POPUP shops at other select shops, etc.

●Semi-Grand Prix (1 piece) Supplementary Prize 100,000 yen

●Excellence Award (3 points)   Supplementary Prize 50,000 yen

●Student Prize (1 piece) Supplementary Prize 50,000 yen

●Special Prize (slightly)

●Corporate Award ※Details are under consideration

  • The 1st Japanese Cultural Grand Prix Winners *All winning works are here

Nakagawa Kigei Hira Kobo Nakagawa Shuji Suzuki Daiki Saito Koki Hiroya Ohara Wataru Shogo

【Grand Prix Winners】
Wave Series “YORISHIRO” Series

【Award Evaluation】
Created by the sensitivity and technical ability to make the natural form of the cedar tree grow as it is, this work had an overwhelming aura at the judging hall. It is also the strength of Japanese craft power to create new beauty with a completely different concept from the technology of making tubs. He has presented two types of expression development with fluctuations that are not a perfect circle, but both are beautiful in appearance and appearance, and it is an excellent work that is actually suitable for the grand prix of the first exhibition.

【Inquiries about the project】
Japan-Japanese Cultural Promotion Project Office
Address: 〒103-0024 4-1 Nihonbashi Kofunecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ibasen Building 8F HP:

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