Fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional culture. “Tsugu” KORI-SHOW PROJECT and ISETAN will be held at Isetan Shinjuku store from Wednesday, January 19

Isetan Shinjuku store will hold “Tsugu” KORI-SHOW PROJECT and ISETAN in the promotion on the 1st floor of the main building from Wednesday, January 19 to Tuesday, January 25.


The “KORI-SHOW = Stiffness” project is a project that connects traditional culture that has been passed down since ancient times with future technologies that will color the future, and “connects” the possibilities of manufacturing with rich lifestyles. By connecting ancient culture with innovative technologies and proposing rich manufacturing, we will protect the next generation of craftsmen, production areas, and culture, and connect them to the future.
At the venue, there are various concepts such as “unknown traditional products” shaped by AI (machine learning) and traditional technology, which will be the first unveiling this time, vessels with beautiful 3D modeling produced with virtual potteries, clothing and footwear incorporating new materials with recovery functions into Japanese clothing, fashion items that upcycled kimonos, etc.
Please look forward to a variety of items that can incorporate Japanese tradition freshly.

  • Unknown traditions × ”Unknown traditional products” that capture the “philosophy of beauty” that is based on traditional culture through machine learning using AI

We conducted machine learning using AI for about 2,500 kinds of kasuri designs from various parts of Japan to decipher the regularity of “kasuri” in Japan. In accordance with these rules, we expressed an unknown “kasuri” pattern that did not fit any of the past designs and woven them over jacquard fiber machines.

  • Flexibility × advanced technology Items that open the mind and body proposed through advanced technology


,=”” tential=””> YUKATA-GOWN 22,000 yen
A collaboration model with the recoveryware “TENTIAL” that uses a special function fiber “SELFLAME ®️” that radiates its own body temperature and amplifies far-infrared action. It is a new recovery wear that makes use of functional fibers certified by general medical devices and a structure that wraps around the body of Kimono.
※ Purchase of the product will be a guide only on the “Makuake” site.

,=”” cocoo=””> PERSONAL SOUNDS DEVICE ※Reference product
A food device with the concept of “carrying space” that HATTRA was in charge of food design. Built-in Bluetooth, directional speaker + noise control function, you can enjoy stereoscopic sound only in the hood without touching the ear directly.
※ Because it is a reference product, there is no sale at this exhibition. It is only an exhibition and an experience.

®=””>ZOURI-SANDAL by KORI-SHOW × buntaro® 14,300 yen each

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