Launched “Our Japan”, an inbound support service linked with tourism foreign influencers

On January 12, Kyodo P.R. Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tetsuya Tani), a comprehensive PR company, launched “Our Japan,” a service that supports the inbound business, in collaboration with Japan’s largest tourism foreign influencer community (Representative: Donny Kimball).

“Our Japan” is a service that connects foreigners living in Japan, those who want to send products to foreign countries, those who want to come to visit overseas, foreigners living in Japan and foreign consumers who are interested in Japanese culture, sightseeing spots, made in Japan products.


In Japan, there are many attractive tourist resources for foreigners such as traditional crafts such as kimono and pottery, souvenirs such as specialty products and famous sweets, sake and local sake, hot springs, inns, shrines, temples, power spots, zoos, aquariums, etc. However, with the expansion of the new Corona, it has continued that overseas visitors are unable to visit attractive tourist destinations in Japan. In addition, there are many cases where it is not possible to send information to foreigners interested in Japan.

In order to solve these problems, japan’s largest tourism foreign influencer community, which has strong ability to disseminate information overseas, has launched a service that supports the dissemination of information to local governments and agents who want to disseminate tourism resources to foreigners living overseas and in Japan, companies and distributors who want to disseminate their products and sightseeing spots.

This service is the following three steps.


(1) Dissemination of information by tourism foreign influencers

(2) One-stop from sending and purchasing influencers

(3) Flexible systems such as tie-up type and performance compensation type


(1) Dissemination of information by tourism foreign influencers

Influencers participate in sightseeing model course experiences, local festivals and gourmet festivals, regular fairs such as shopping streets and fishing ports, accommodation experiences and agricultural experiences, etc., and produce content such as videos, photos, blogs, etc., and send them to followers on their own SNS.

Influencers with experience in promoting local government tourism projects and travel agency model tours create introductory content after actually experiencing local shops, facilities, sightseeing spots, etc., so “I want to go”, “I want to use”, “I want to eat” by adding the charm of the region seen from the perspective unique to foreigners and points that are difficult for local people to see We will produce content that leads to such actions.


(2) One-stop from sending and purchasing influencers

This service is not only about sending information by influencers, but also by linking influencer posts with dedicated e-commerce sites, it is possible for overseas users who see the posts to purchase products as they are. Foreigners who cannot go to Japan due to corona disasters will not only enjoy watching influencers’ posts digitally, but also purchase products beyond that.

As a result, it is possible to perform one-stop product purchase without interrupting the product recognition acquired on SNS, and it realizes clear effect measurement such as “product purchase by influencer’s submission” which has been a problem in conventional influencer marketing.


(3) Flexible systems such as tie-up type and performance compensation type

In addition to the tie-up type that pays for the contribution of the influencer PR of the conventional influencer, this service can also select the performance fee type that allocates revenue according to the sales volume of products and tickets on the EC site. Therefore, it can also be used for those who are concerned about the use of influencers and those who want to build sales channels for overseas people but want to reduce costs.


For service details, please click here.


Service Introduction Video





Donny Kimball, Representative, Tourism Foreign Influencer Community

In parallel with his social media consulting work, he is an American living in Japan who works as a social media influencer. In the consulting business, he participates in various projects regardless of the public or private sector as an external consultant and supports inbound business using social media. As an influencer, we disseminate japan’s hidden tourism resources by making use of their hobby travels, and in cooperation with local governments, companies, and organizations to disseminate new tourism resources to the world.




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