“Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei” opens today, January 20, 2022 (Thursday)

“Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei” (Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, General Manager: Tatsuya Shinkawa) is pleased to announce that a new hotel under the Hotel Okura brand opened today, January 20, 2022, in Kyoto Okazaki, where beautiful nature, culture and history are harmonized, for the first time in about 20 years in Japan.
The hotel is the first small luxury hotel to be worked on as Hotel Okura, a 60-room hotel, including 8 suites. In a “villa” like an adult hideaway, you can enjoy a space where you can feel the aesthetic sense of Kyoto in the new era, attentive hospitality to each and every customer, and a stay healed by gastronomy.

Exterior from the Japanese garden at Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki BetteiExterior from the Japanese garden at Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei


Tatsuya Shinkawa, who was appointed general manager of Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei at the time of opening, said as follows.
“We are pleased to have opened an original and culturally rich hotel in Kyoto, where many luxury hotels are attracting attention from all over the world, where tradition and innovation intersect, and as a hotel that inherits the aesthetic sense of Kyoto in a new era, we aim to be a hotel that will be loved for a long time through hospitality that is close to each and every customer.”

■ A quaint space with different art pieces for each room type
The hotel offers a modern Kyoto beauty everywhere through the interiors and dining scenes of the hotel. In the interior, detailed art works mainly by artists based in Kyoto, including the project unit “GO ON” by six successors who are responsible for kyoto’s traditional crafts.
There are 60 guest rooms with the theme of a mountain villa standing in Higashiyama. Located on the north side, the guest rooms offer a garden of the adjacent Shinshu Otani school Okazaki Betsuin (Higashi Honganji Okazaki Betsuin) and a rich range of nature spreading over Higashiyama.
In addition, there are two rooms with textiles that express the “lake surface covered with light and fluctuation” created by Nishijin ori “Hosoo”, and a suite room with a balcony where you can enjoy a series of works (6 rooms) of “Yotsu” by calligrapher Tomoko Kawao focusing on the movement of the brush in the air.

“Bettei Suite Room” with original art pieces of Nishijin ori “Hosoo”

Nishijin-ori Nishijin-ori “Hosoo” art piece that expresses the surface of the water with textiles

A series of works by calligrapher Tomoko Kawao A series of works by calligrapher Tomoko Kawao “Response”

Works by Shuji Nakagawa of Nakagawa Kigei, which uses the technique of matchingWorks by Shuji Nakagawa of Nakagawa Kigei, which uses the technique of matching

Room number using the tea tube manufacturing method of Room number using the tea tube manufacturing method of “Kaikado” and the lacquer (back) of Genta Ishizuka and the glass of Satoshi Sato (front) art

■Innovative Gastronomy “Nouvelle Epoch”
The innovative gastronomic-themed Nouvelle Epoch offers French cuisine from the “New Era” (Nouvelle Epoque), which fuses the gastronomic cuisine of Okura French with the four seasons and food culture of Kyoto.
Chef Yamashita’s gastronomy will gorgeously color the guest’s dining scene, including a number of dishes that capture the season and express delicate flavors, and a dish that incorporates the essence of Kyoto into the specialties representing Okura French.

Ryoichi Yamashita, Executive ChefRyoichi Yamashita, Executive Chef

Ryoichi Yamashita, Executive Chef
After joining Hotel Okura, he gained experience in the western cuisine department of the hotel, including French cuisine “La Belle Époque”. After working at hotel Okura Amsterdam’s contemporary French “CielBlue” (now two Michelin stars), further study at The Michelin-starred restaurant “La Maison Johnne” in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, he returned to Japan, and after returning to Japan, he worked hard at Hotel Okura Tokyo (now The Okura Tokyo). He served as deputy chef and head chef at the restaurant in the hotel, and became executive chef when “Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei” opened.

Wagyu beef pie wrapped and grilled with kujo leek and foie gras with seasonal Kyoto vegetables and red wine sauceWagyu beef pie wrapped and grilled with kujo leek and foie gras with seasonal Kyoto vegetables and red wine sauce

Nouvelle Epoch IntrospectionNouvelle Epoch Introspection


[Innovative Gastronomy “Nouvelle Epoch” Business Overview]
〈Business hours〉
Breakfast: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (L.O. 10:00 a.m.)
Lunch: 12:00-15:00 (L.O. 2:00 p.m.)
Dinner: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (L.O. 8:00 p.m.)

〈Offered course fee〉
American Breakfast: ¥6,050 / Today’s Breakfast¥7,865

Lunch A:¥18,150 (8 dishes in total)
Lunch B・・・¥14,520 (8 dishes in total)
Lunch C・・・¥ 9,680 (7 dishes in total)

Dinner A・・・¥30,250 (9 items in total)
Dinner B・・・¥24,200 (9 dishes in total)
Dinner C・・・¥18,150 (7 dishes in total)

* In order to enjoy dishes tailored to the kyoto season, a new menu is prepared every two months for lunch and dinner.
* All prices include consumption tax and service charge.

〈Reservations and Inquiries〉 
Nouvelle Epoch TEL:+81-75-771-5766 /


■ “Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei” Opening Commemorative Accommodation Plan
We have prepared a special rate to commemorate the opening of the business. Take this opportunity to enjoy your stay at a new hotel.

Booking period: Until Sunday, 31 July 2022
Length of stay: Until Sunday, July 31, 2022

General: 15% off Best Availability Rate
One Harmony Members: 20% Off Membership Rate (5% Off Best Availability Rate)

〈Common contents〉 With a gift commemorating the opening of the business

General price: Superior room from 54,510 yen (2 people per room / consumption tax, service charge included, accommodation tax excluded)
One Harmony membership fee: Superior room from 48,738 yen (2 people per room / consumption tax and service charge included, accommodation tax excluded)
* The above is the fee after the benefits have been applied.

Reservations and Inquiries:
Online Reservations General: / One Harmony Members:
Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei Reservation Center 
TEL: 075-252-5201 (9:00~18:00)/

*One Harmony is a membership program available at Okura Nikko Hotels. Admission and annual membership fees are free of charge, and points are accumulated every time you use the hotel, and various benefits are available.

-Hotel Okura Kyoto Okazaki Bettei Facility Overview-
Location: 26-6 Okazaki Tennocho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Number of floors: 4 floors above ground
Number of rooms: 60
Restaurant: French cuisine, lounge
Other facilities: Fitness
Access : 14-minute walk from “Keage” Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line
Kyoto Municipal Bus “Okazaki Jinja-mae” stop 1-minute walk
Design and supervision : Mitsubishi Estate Serikei Co., Ltd.
Construction: Obayashi Corporation
Interior design : Nomura Kogeisha Rens Co., Ltd. (
Interior construction: Nomura Kogeisha Co., Ltd.
Artwork partner: Hosoo Co., Ltd. (, a project unit “GO ON” ( by Kyoto Traditional Successor
* The hotel will be developed by Mitsubishi Estate and operated by Okura Nikko Hotel Management.

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