“MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 ‘New Soil'” Announces 8 artists including Yuko Nagayama, ART FAIR 2nd exhibition artist, Automoai, Naka collar incense, etc. for the plaza space production!

Avex Business Development Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shinsuke Kato, hereinafter ABD) operates an art-related media [MEET YOUR ART], the largest art and culture festival in Japan, MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 ‘New Soil’, from Friday, May 13 to Sunday, May 15, 2022. It will be held in the whole area of Ebisu Garden Place (“The Garden Hall”, “The Garden Room”, “Clock Square”, “Center Square”, “Chateau Square”, “PORTAL POINT”).
It has been decided that architect Yuko Nagayama will be in charge of the spatial direction of “Clock Square”, “Center Plaza” and “Chateau Square” in this festival.
The space composition of art exhibition “The Voice of No Mans Land” held at “The Garden Hall” will also be handled with junya Yamamine, curator of the exhibition.
In addition, eight additional artists were selected to exhibit at ART FAIR “New Soil” presented by MEET YOUR ART PICK UP ARTIST, which will be held at PORTAL POINT, including Aoi Aoi, Automoai, Kenta Kawabata, Naka collar incense, Azusa Nozawa, Ken Tanishiki, Mia Yamato, and Li Kyayalum.
The announced ART FAIR artists will be 20 artists, Shinya Higashi, Aoi Aoi, Miho Iida, Atsushi Isomura, Automoai, Kenta Kawabata, Takumi Kikuchi, Yu Kurosaka, Gensho Sugawara, Natsuki Takayama, Naka collarka, Masayoshi Nojo, Azusa Nozawa, Taishi Hatayama, Mio Matsuura, Ryosuke Misawa, Ken Tanishiki, Atsuko Yata, Mio Yamato, and Ri Kaketama, and additional announcements are scheduled in the future.
【MEET YOUR ART】 On YouTube, mc Mirai Moriyama released a video today that explores the concept of the festival, so please take a look at it (Guest: Curator Junya Yamamine, Producer Shinsuke Kato).

MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 ‘New Soil’ Highlights
“The Voice of No Mans Land”, an ART EXHIBITION featuring eight artists including Taro Shinoda, Takashi Kuribayashi and Yuko Mohri, created by curator Junya Yamamine, art fair “New Soil” presented by YOUR MEET YOUR PICK UP ARTIST, which is exhibited by a total of 20 up-and-coming artists, COSMIC Lab × musician’s one-night “Music × Art × Technology” LIVE, Moriyama Mirai× artist “MEET YOUR ART Public Recording & Special Talk” Multiple sessions held on stage, more than 50 shops and brand booths rooted in each culture and sustainable ethical surroundings throughout the plaza!

 ■Mirai Moriyama approaches “MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 ‘New Soil'”!
Curator Junya Yamamine and producer Shinsuke Kato appeared in [MEET YOUR ART]. Program MC Mirai Moriyama and navigator Ai Koike will explore the concept, significance of meeting your art festival 2022 ‘New Soil’, and thoughts on this festival.
The video is released today at 19:00!

Architect Yuko Nagayama decides to create a space!
Yuko Nagayama is one of the most watched architects who designs large-scale projects in Japan and overseas, such as the Japan Pavilion at the Dubai International Exposition and the Tokyu Kabukicho Tower. He has also participated in many art projects such as “HOKUTO ART PROGRAM ed.1”, “2021 #Tokyo Scope”, which developed an installation in front of Avex headquarters, and “Sonoida # Yurakucho”, which conducts art projects during the store replacement period.
This year’s festival theme is “New Soil”. Based on the theme of “New Soil for the Next Era”, we will create a space.

©Kazumi Kiuchi
■Yuko Nagayama Profile
Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from Showa Women’s University, Department of Life and Aesthetics in 1998. In 1998, he worked at Jun Aoki Architects. Established Yuko Nagayama Architectural Design in 2002. His main work includes “LOUIS VUITTON Kyoto Daimaru Store”, “House with Hills”, “Teshima Yokookan”, “Megami no Mori Central Garden”, “Dubai International Exposition Japan Pavilion”, etc. He has received the JIA NewComer Award (2014), the Yamanashi Prefecture Architecture and Culture Award, the Tokyo Architecture Award For Excellence (2018), and the Lighting Design Award of the Lighting Society of Japan (2021). Currently, plans are underway, such as Tokyu Kabukicho Tower (2023) and tokyo station-mae Tokiwabashi Project TOKYO TORCH.

 ■Art Fair “New Soil” presented by MEET YOUR ART PICK UP ARTIST The second exhibition artist is decided!
2nd exhibition artists: Aoi Aoi, Automoai, Kenta Kawabata, Naka collarka, Azusa Nozawa, Ken Tanishiki, Mia Yamato, Shodama Lee

Announced Artists: Shinya Higashi, Aoi Aoi, Miho Iida, Atsushi Isomura, Automoai, Kenta Kawabata, Takumi Kikuchi, Yu Kurosaka, Gensho Sugawara, Natsuki Takayama, Kanaka, Masayoshi Nojo, Azusa Nozawa, Taishi Hatayama, Mio Matsuura, Ryosuke Misawa, Ken Tanishiki, Atsuko Yata, Mio Yamato, Akira Li Tama
Cooperation: biscuit gallery, COHJU contemporary art, EUKARYOTE, MEDEL GALLERY SHU, SH GALLERY, TAV GALLERY
Under the theme of “Dialogs – Encountering Art through Dialogue”, a total of 20 up-and-coming artists featured by MEET YOUR ART exhibited and sold their works. I can’t keep an eye on the new works of contemporary artists who are excited about the present, such as “avex” by Naka collar incense / 2022, “under my skin” by Myo Yamato / 2022.


Naka collar incense “avex” 2022

Miwa Miwa “under my skin” 2022

 ■Aoi Aoi
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1992, he completed his master’s degree at Kyoto University of Arts in 2022. Based on the concept of “thinking about the finiteness of life because it is an age of symbiosis”, we try to include a swinging moment in the painting by treating methods that are easy to reflect emotions and noise of the human body – strokes and outlines with physicality, lines drawn unconsciously, etc., and using life-like motifs. The main exhibitions are “Re: Perspective” graf porch (The National Museum of Art, Osaka,” “Voice + Palermo” Satellite Project) “SHIBUYA STYLE vol.15” Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery “Collectors’ Collective vol.6″ Osaka” TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, etc.

 ■Automo eye
Since 2015, he began producing works in black and white, and since 2018 he has used a lot of colors, and is known for his style that makes it look like a highly anonymous “existence” standing on the screen. While extremely objective, the style that can be seen as a very personal scene presents a scenery and scene that can be seen because necessary information such as the relationship between humans and the relationship between the work and the viewer has been scraped off.

■Kenta Kawabata
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1994. In 2015, he entered the Department of Oil Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2019, he graduated as principal of oil painting and dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. He is currently a doctoral student in the Oil Painting And Technique Materials Laboratory, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. His main group exhibitions so far have been “KUMAEX2021 Kiyosumi Shirakawa” (2021, Tokyo), “Tsukuba Prize exhibition of paintings Ikebukuro Seibu Head Office Art Garry” (2021, Tokyo), and “Spectrum” (2021, Kanazawa Mercury Cave, Ishikawa Prefecture). His major awards include the Tsukuba Prize for Painting (2021) and the Bear Foundation Activity Support Project (2021), and his works have been collected at the Tokyo University of the Arts Museum and LS Co., Ltd.

 ■Naka collar incense
Born in 1994 in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2019. “Now, I cut out the symbols in front of me like a diary and incorporate them into my paintings, and in my daily life, new trends, buildings, techniques, and ways of expression are born, but on the other hand, there are things that are declining and disappearing.
Things that are commonplace in front of you will one day become less commonplace. You may notice the value of things after you lose them, or you may be completely forgotten. Decades or hundreds of years from now, what kind of way do you look in your work? – Naka Collar –
Key Awards: Selected, Wonder Seed (2017), CAF Masami Shiraishi Award (2018), Between the Arts Award (2020)

 ■Azusa Nozawa
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1994. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019 with a major in oil painting. Her main solo exhibitions include “Shaken Her” (Ginza Tsutaya Shoten / Tokyo / 2022), “Furehotobori” (MEDEL SHU GALLERY / Tokyo / 2021), “× and No Hakuchumu” (hidarizingaro / Tokyo / 2018), and his main group exhibitions are “BLOOM” (Maison Ozmen / Paris / 2022) and “199X9” (199X9) shuuue/Tokyo/2021), “Hokoro and Afterimage” (MEDEL GALLERY SHU/Tokyo/2020), etc., and participated in ART TAIPEI in 2020-21 (MEDEL GALLERY SHU booth).

 ■Ken Tanishiki
Ken Tanishiki rethinks the unique japanese textile technology of wood-graining as a painting technique and is practicing new painting expressions. Tanishiki reinterpreted the wood grain that was born by using the end material of temple and shrine architecture as a doll, having roots in the Edo period, reinterpreting the material used based on his own experience, narrowing down the material used to used clothes and waste materials, and the culture and value peculiar to wood grain and traditional crafts that can be prayed and wished while drawing organic elements such as physicality, time, and raw sense derived from the original owner, Through painting, we are transforming into the present day.

 ■Mion Yamato
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1990. In 2015, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Design. By repeating certain units and patterns, such as a series of dots or a constant curve, he creates works that cover the entire screen and space. His major solo exhibitions include “project N 74 Mio Yamato Mio” (2018, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo) and “VIVID-STILL: Quiet and Vivid_” (2017, COHJU contemporary art / Kyoto). His major awards have been the Fundación Casa Wabi Woman Artist Residency Award (2020, CASA WABI Foundation) and the CAF Award 2015 Yumi Yamaguchi Award (2015, Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art).

 ■Li Jing-ta-yu
Born in Tokyo in 1991. Graduated from The Graduate School of Research, Korea National University in 2018. From the standpoint of a third-generation Korean resident in Japan, he is developing productions based on a cross-sectional perspective on the nation and ethnicity. Using compositional citations from classical paintings and symbolic motifs, he approaches the context and structure of the majority, and creates flat works with multilayered structures using methods such as collages. His main exhibits include “Zainichi, Present, and Art” (2014), Musashi × Korea University”Suddenly Opens In Front of Me” (2015), “VOCA2020” (2020), “Heisei Art: Utakata and Rubble Debris 1989–2019” (2021), solo exhibition “Country of Symbols” (2021), and solo exhibition “SIMULATED WINDOW” (2022).

 MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 “New Soil” Overview

■   Date: Friday, May 13, 2022 – Sunday, May 15, 2022
■   Time:
Friday, May 13
Square: 12:00 to 21:00
Art Ticket Area (The Garden Hall/ PORTAL POINT): 5.30pm – 9.00pm
* Media/VIP previews will be available from 12:00 to 17:30 for the art ticket area.
Saturday, May 14
All sections: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 15
Art Ticket Area (The Garden Hall/PORTAL POINT): 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Square: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
■   URL:(HP)
■   (Instagram)
■   Tickets:
・ General: 2,000 yen (advance sale), 2,500 yen (on the day)
・ Students: 1,000 yen (advance sale / required student ID card), 1,500 yen (on the day / required, student ID card)
* Art exhibition “The Voice of No Mans Land” < the Garden Hall > art fair “New Soil” presented by YOUR MEET ART PICK UP ARTIST < AN art ticket where you can watch >.
* Tickets must be reserved online in advance.
* If you are within the same day, you can re-enter. However, admission may be restricted.
*Live tickets in The Garden Room are charged separately.
*Admission to Ebisu Garden Place Square is free of charge
* In order to prevent and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please understand and cooperate with the infection prevention measures to be taken at the venue.
■   Organizer: MEET YOUR ART FESTIVAL 2022 Executive Committee (Avex Business Development Co., Ltd.)
■   Produced by Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd.
■   Operation: Lights Apartment Co., Ltd.
■   Media Partners: Forbes JAPAN, OCEANS, J-WAVE
■   Cooperation: Ebisu Garden Place, The Garden Hall/Room

YouTube program specializing in art (MC Moriyama Mirai / Navigator Ai Koike / NAVIGATION content narrator Kamishiroishi Moene). In addition to introducing artist interviews and a wide range of knowledge about art, this art project aims to provide opportunities for viewers to experience art and purchase experiences by providing an online e-commerce where artists’ works introduced in the program can be purchased, and to be a platform for supporting the activities of young artists in particular.

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