9 horse patterns in the cup “Everything horse goes 9”

Ohori Soma ware : Akitaka Nagahashi

On Monday, May 12, 2014, we visited Akitaka Nagahashi, who is demonstrating his production at Aoyama Square.

Surrounded by many visitors, the Takumi was just molding the teapot, and he made the mouth part and the handle part brilliantly and showed it.
While everyone is impressed, I make several works one after another, and while saying, ‘I can’t burn it here~’,
I crushed the molded thing at once. . .
From the gallery, of course, there was a cry of “Soko”

And this is a new product magic cup of the topic
(Shochu & Beer Cup).

Because it is a double structure, it is excellent in heat retention and cooling power! In winter, the shochu is kept warm, and in summer, the coldness of beer is long, but it is also an excellent thing that you can taste the draft beer feeling with a fine foam of texture.

It may be difficult to see in the photo, but the earthen bottle has a heart cut pattern on the outer part of the double structure, so you can see the appearance of the double structure.

Mr. Nagahashi, a great service to customers!
I’m passionate about double construction! !

This is a married couple cup. The inside of the double structure is visible in the back of the heart pattern.

Crakanuma 9 go beer cup

Mr. Nagahashi is surrounded by customers who are visiting the demonstration.

“If we get along well, we’ll go all right.”

There was also a demonstration of horse sketches with ink.
It is said that it is a married couple horse (Meotouma), and it seems to draw two usually,
It seems that “If you get along well, you will go all right”.
If you ask Mr. Nagahashi directly during the demonstration tour, you may be able to give one as a souvenir.

Next year, the Ohori Soma Ware Exhibition will be held at Aoyama Square, a traditional craft.
Of course, demonstrations of the Takumi corner are also planned.
Please look forward to next year’s exhibition!

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