The origin of celern magnetic field is to make use of materials.

Hasami ware : Masami Yamaguchi

September 2, 2013 I visited Masami Yamaguchi, who is demonstrating at Aoyama Square.

Hasami ware Contemporary Master Craftsman Shoemon Kiln Blue and White Porcelain Exhibition

-Basic knowledge of Hasami ware-

At the end of the 16th century, the lord of Omura participated in the dispatch of Hideyoshi Toyotomi to Korea,
It is said that it was started by a Korean potter who brought it when he returned home.

In the early Edo period, porcelain began to be burned, and in addition to teacups and dishes, daily necessities such as Tokuri were produced.
Among them, the thick dyed tea bowl is used as tableware to sell alcohol and meals to people on board at the pier in Osaka,
It was well known as “Urawanka bowl”.

It is characterized by its sheer white porcelain beauty and delicate and deep taste with dyes painted with blue gosu.
In addition, from continuing to improve and make according to the changes of the times, from traditional to modern,
There is a wide range of products.

Born a potter.

How did you start this job?

It is the reason why I was born to a famous family that handed down techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation (over 400 years).

By birth, I’m a potter.


How many years do you think you learned the basics?

I think it’s a repetition of repeated training after 30 years or 40 years. I think pale magnetism is fashion. If you stop, it will end with it.

I would like to constantly refine my sensibilities, take on challenges, and create works that fuse tradition and a new era.

How long does a work usually take?

It takes about→ a month → → the clay brick molding→ → drying→→ and the glaze is fired.

What do you care about when creating your work?

I often create relatively large works, so the larger the work (about 60 cm), the more I care when drying.
Humidity and temperature vary depending on the season, so we rely on the feeling that we have acquired through many years of experience.

Especially large works are carefully created with a sense of protecting children.

Please tell us what you are careful about when molding your work with a potter’s watch.

Since the shape changes in the process of drying, it is always molded assuming the finished product.
When it dries, the work shrinks by about 20%.

The origin of celernity is to make use of materials.

Finally, do you have a message for you?

The origin of celern magnetic field is “making the best use of materials”

No matter what molding, firing, or glaze is missing, a good work will not be produced.

It’s honestly a thing that always appears as a result when you cut corners (laughs)
I think it will only respond to you with sincerity.

Craftsmen perform and experience every week at the crafts section of Aoyama Square.
It is a valuable opportunity to see the “skills” of skilled craftsmen up close.
We look forward to welcoming many visitors.

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