A new service that allows you to try and use one piece of the writer’s commitment from one month, EC tableware shop “Power of the container (Utsuwa no Chikara)” NEW OPEN!

SIZZLE WORKS Co., Ltd. (Shizzle Works Co., Ltd., which plans and proposes branding and design mainly in the food and beverage industry, has opened a new e-commerce site “Ware Power” as a new service that allows you to try and use Traditional Japanese Tableware of Japanese traditional Japanese crafts from one month.

With the recent increase in home time, 64% of respondents answered that they had more opportunities to cook at home according to the survey(*), and there is a growing new interest in enhancing their home time, such as%に上り、今後「新しい料理ジャンルに挑戦したい」(52%and “I want to increase the number of dishes on SNS” (41%).

In “Power of Vessels”, expensive traditional Japanese tableware can be leased on a monthly basis when purchased, so it is possible to consider purchasing after knowing the goodness and usability.
In addition, since it can be returned at any time, it is a service aimed at providing new value that is ideal for simple and minimal lifestyles where you do not want to increase your belongings.

■ Expensive vessels can be bought after trying them
With this service, you can “try out” all new traditional Japanese tableware from one month. It is easy to challenge tableware of size and color that is usually difficult to handle, and there is no risk of failure because you can consider purchasing after using it. It is a new lease form that can be “purchased” at any time if you actually use it and “return” at any time if you do not need it.
* A sustainable subscription service using returned tableware is also under preparation.

■ The tableware of the writer who “shines” just by serving it
The tableware handled by “The Power of Vessels” is selected from the perspective of an active food stylist by an art director specializing in restaurants, from Michelin restaurants to cafes and Japanese restaurants. Just serve any ingredients and dishes to upgrade and make the table gorgeous easily. Examples of serving each tableware are also open to the public, so you can also learn the tips for serving and use it for beautiful photo shoots for Instagram

From the top left, 28cm turquoise flat, serving example, turquoise 25cm flat (rim 45 degrees), serving example, green mat 25cm flat (rim 45 degrees), Otani ware Motoyama kiln teen daime Eiichiro Tamura turning potter's boxFrom the top left, 28cm turquoise flat, serving example, turquoise 25cm flat (rim 45 degrees), serving example, green mat 25cm flat (rim 45 degrees), Otani ware Motoyama kiln teen daime Eiichiro Tamura turning potter’s box

Currently, we are only dealing with works by one artist, Eiichiro Tamura (Tokushima Prefecture), the teenage generation of Otani Yakimotoyama kilns, but we are currently working on prototypes with several artists, and we plan to increase the number of products after the beginning of the year.

■The warmth and taste of Japanese traditional Japanese cuisine

Japanese tableware is a traditional japanese craft of Japan, a major manufacturing power. The vessels that inherit the history and climate of each region and are baked one by one have unique warmth and taste depth that cannot be produced by machine manufacturing. High-quality processing is applied by advanced technology, and you can enjoy the change of taste and expression every time you use it.

I think that cooking with family and friends at home will increase, such as the winter season coming in the future, the year-end and New Year holidays, Setsubun, Valentine’s Day at Christmas. Please try the warm tableware of “the power of the vessel” at a special time to spend with your loved ones.

■ Free shipping on open campaigns
Currently, as a site open campaign, we are running a campaign that frees shipping by using 2,500 yen (tax included) or more.
E-commerce site “Power of vessels” URL: 

● You can choose from two types of services in [Power of the vessel] ●

①   Trial use (monthly flat-rate use)

・ It is a service that allows you to use new vessels at trial prices for 1 month to up to 10 months.
・ The postage at the time of return is also free! Feel free to try it.
・ If you like it after using it, it is also possible to purchase it on the way. (*You can purchase by deducting the usage amount from the purchase price.) Please contact us for details. )
・ When the usage period has passed for 10 months, the vessel reaches the purchase price and the purchase is completed.
There is no need to return it, and no further charges will be charged. Please use it habitually as your own.

②    Regular purchase (purchase by lump sum payment of product price)

*Research report on changes in home cooking in 2020 and prospects for living in 2021

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