Come on, cheer up. To Miyazaki Shokudo! The rich food, nature, and warmth of people are all about the charms of Miyazaki City. A movie of “Miyazaki Shokudo” that resembles a “dining room” where feasts gather throughout the city is now on sale!

Miyazaki City released the Miyazaki Shokudo Movie on Friday, December 17, 2021 as part of the promotion of the miyazaki shokudo, a project to convey the charm of Miyazaki City, like a “dining room” where feasts gather throughout Miyazaki City, where local food, nature, climate, and warmth of people are “feasts” in the city. The movie produced this time is three volumes of “solo trip”, “women’s trip” and “family trip”, and it was released on the official website of “Miyazaki Shokudo”.

The movie is about a person who spends his usual daily life in the city, and when he passes through the goodwill that suddenly appeared, he trips to the world of “Miyazaki Shokudo” before you know it. This is a story that warps one after another while enjoying the feast of food and nature here and there in Miyazaki City, riding on the light rhythm of the song “Tsutsuurakara” written for “Miyazaki Shokudo” by artist SAKANAMON from Miyazaki City. It is a movie filled with the charm of Miyazaki City, where visitors can experience the rich nature of the sea and mountains under the blue sky and become energetic through local food loved by the local people and exchanges with people.





  • About “Miyazaki Shokudo Movie”

◇All stages are in Miyazaki City. Introducing how to enjoy each “Miyazaki Shokudo”
After passing through the goodwill of “Miyazaki Shokudo”, there is rich nature, delicious food, and very satisfying activities … All of them are set in Miyazaki City. In order to taste “Miyazaki Shokudo” full of charm and various ways to enjoy, it is rooted in the local area under the theme of “solo trip”, “women’s trip” and “family trip”, and it is three volumes according to each way of spending.

– Immersive movie drawn in the whole “first person perspective” where you can experience the traveler’s point of view. Also focus on transitions
“Miyazaki Shokudo Movie” is shot from a “first-person perspective” as if you are visiting Miyazaki City with yourself as the main character. It is an immersive video where you can enjoy food, nature, interaction with people and activities in front of you. It is a video that experiences the charm of Miyazaki City with your whole body by transitioning the scenes one after another (scene transformation).

  • Introduction of all three “Miyazaki Shokudo Movie”

◇ Work, play, day and night work & vacation “solo trip” edition
A business person who is busy with work every day suddenly encounters the goodwill of “Miyazaki Shokudo” at the café where he was working. When the body is naturally drawn into goodwill, it is there! ?

Telework at a burger house on the beach, warm people in Nishitachi teach me about miyazaki’s local food and “who yami” culture, and suddenly ride the waves in the blue sea while being invited by surfers who met at snacks. After working crispy in the bright sunshine, relax on the beach. While being surrounded by the sense of openness of Miyazaki, you can experience the warmth of people, the richness of food and nature, and go to Miyazaki Shokudo where you can spend a fulfilling time.

Miyazaki Shokudo Movie Solo Trip WEB Video URL:

◇ Delicious food, colorful scenery and activities … “Women’s Journey” edition where both the mind and body can be energized
A good friend girl living in the city suddenly encounters the goodwill of “Miyazaki Shokudo” in the middle of the city. If you pass through the goodwill while being pulled by a friend from Miyazaki City, it is there!?

Aoshima Shrine of marriage, mango parfait of the sun megumi, lunch of vegetables grown in the rich earth, feel the sea breeze with sea kayaking, bathe in the sunlight through the trees on trekking, yoga under the sun rising from Hyuga-nada overlooking Qingdao … Go to Miyazaki Shokudo where you can feel healthy both mentally and physically.

Miyazaki Shokudo Movie Women’s Journey Web Video URL:

◇Enjoy food and nature! “Family Trip” ed.
On my usual holiday, my family who came shopping in the city suddenly encountered the goodwill of “Miyazaki Shokudo”. If you go through the goodwill chasing the family who rushes in happily, there is!?

Enjoy the superb view of mango soft drinks and the famous chicken nanban and freshly caught lobster course dishes. Take a tuk-tuk to Qingdao with a tuk-tuk where you can feel the wind, play on the sea with the oni washboard, take a horse walk in the pine forest scented by the tide, surround a bonfire at a campsite by the sea, and spend an important time only for the family in nature . The whole family will enjoy the rich nature and delicious food, and go to Miyazaki Shokudo to make memories of a lifetime.

Miyazaki Shokudo Movie Family Trip WEB Video URL:


  • What is Miyazaki Shokudo?

Miyazaki City is promoting the Miyazaki Shokudo project, which is likened to a “place = cafeteria” where feasts gather throughout Miyazaki City, with the charm of Miyazaki City such as food, nature, and warmth of people.
With the watchword “Come on, cheer up, please,” we will liven up the project with the cooperation of local people.

◇Miyazaki Shokudo Brand Statement
Miyazaki City is a big dining room.
It is not good, and it is staggering.
Seasonal and local tokikiri
Delicious things
It is affordable to care about.
The sea, the mountains, the sky, the wind
On a feast.
Everyone is relaxed.
They regain their vigor
Come and play at any time.
Come back, even usual.

◇About music
“Tsutsuuraka” was written by three-piece rock band SAKANAMON, which is vo>. by Motoo Fujimori from Miyazaki City, for “Miyazaki Shokudo”. It was produced with the theme of “local pop”, and it is finished in a movie where the scene changes one after another in a light rhythm. You can enjoy the full chorus on the official website of “Miyazaki Shokudo”.

Title: Tsutsuurara Miyazaki Shokudo Ver.
Writer: Fujimori Motoo
Music: Fujimori Motoo

◇Tsutsuurara Miyazaki Shokudo Ver. Lyrics————————————————————
Heavenly way, cheerful and bright red
The wind smelling of the sea made me want to go out
I’m going to carry my bag on my back.
It’s a day off today, my heart is clear and sunny.
The other side of that mountain, I wonder what’s going on.
You know, but that’s not enough.
I’m sure you’ll see it with your eyes with this foot.
I’ll meet you, a feeling that can’t be more metaphorical.
Let’s get started, stroll around.
they are lost in free spirit
Let’s go over there, let’s go to Miyazaki.
The possibility that it spread, like the sky.
I’ll interrupt you, place and live.
they gather and laugh
Let’s taste it, every day is a treat.
Don’t be tied up, stretch your wings.
Come on, get well.

Moon Full Tropical Night
I’ve always admired the moonlighting sea
I’m hungry, I’m a little toy.
It’s off tomorrow, and it’s time to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know where it is.
Thank you very much for your hard work today, and here’s a pleasant toast.
Intercultural exchange Wonderful encounter
Accept each other, like family.
Let’s take him to this place.
Let’s get started, stroll around.
they are lost in free spirit
Let’s go over there, let’s go to Qingdao.
The possibility that it spread, like the sky.
I’ll interrupt you, place and live.
they gather and laugh
Let’s taste it, every day is a treat.
Don’t be tied up, stretch your wings.
Come on, get well.
Come and see me at any time.
Come home at any time.
In the Sun

◇Comment from Motoo Fujimori, SAKANAMON
I grew up and studied in Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki City for 18 years before I graduated.
In junior high school in athletics, he ran around at Hinta Athletic Stadium, cycled around to Miyazaki Nihon University High School in high school, and on Saturdays and Sundays, he scratches and beats the guitar at the live house ZETTON (now FLOOR).
Looking back on those days, I think I was living a very stretchy and active life in a vast land and nature.

In the early 15 years since I lived in Tokyo, I aimed to create a tone of “local pop” that makes me feel the warmth of the region and the perspective that I can draw only now that I can see Miyazaki subjectively and objectively.
I spun words with the feeling of introducing the wonderfulness of the sea of Qingdao and the drinking district of Tachibana-dori to myself again.

The instruments used this time have a plate shamisen called “Gottan”, a traditional craft of Miyazaki. Unlike ordinary shamisen, I think that I was able to express the personality of Miyazaki prefecture people with a simple and warm sound.

The title “Tsutsuuraka” is a coined word that combines the words for the sea of “tsutsuura” and the words for the sky of “beautiful”. I think that the superb view of blue with the sky and the sea seen from the coast is a representative view of Miyazaki City.
Please come and see everyone.

If you look around yourself again, you will be more colorful and more green, and the choices are endless.
I hope that you will enjoy the joy and freedom of getting lost.

Vo&gt. Fujimori named ITSAKANAMON because of his desire to “make music that will be a side dish to the lives of listeners.” In 2019, Vo&gt. Fujimori participated in the COMMERCIAL song “Gokuze, Tohoku,SPECIAL Winter Reward” of JR East. In April 2020, nhk minna no uta written song “Oka Deer Underground Squid Slope” will be broadcast, and it will be popular as a “fun frame” of the program. “Distance”, released in September of the same year, is the song in the play of the sixth “Deisu Tansu” of the remote movie project “TOKYO TELEWORK FILM” led by Takumi Saito. In April 2021, he released the first concept mini-album “Koto to Ongaku” in the history of SAKANAMON based on the concepts of “word play” and “music”. Following the mascot character “Saka-9mon”, he has expanded his range of activities further in the 14th year of its formation, such as performing a unique live performance.

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