NEXTOOtake News Letter December 2021

Kyushu and Oita Prefectures, as the name 1 in Japan, are the no. 1 in Japan in terms of the amount of hot springs gushing out and the number of hot springs. Many tourists visit every year for famous hot springs such as Beppu and Yufuin, but the charm is not limited to hot springs. Unknown scenic spots, power spots, exquisite gourmet, etc., it is sure that you will want to actually go. We will deliver the charm of the season of Oita Prefecture every month.

Oita’s Campaign/ Oita Prefecture’s Initiatives

Oita Prefecture will be Asia’s first horizontal “spaceport”! PR video also released!
“Space Noonsen Prefecture Oita” campaign started on December 13!

Oita Prefecture launched a new city promotion called “Oita, SpaceNoncen Prefecture” on Monday, December 13, 2021. Since there are one of Japan’s leading hot spring resorts in the prefecture, we have conducted various promotions under the catchphrase of “Onsen Prefecture Oita”, but oita airport in Kunisaki City will become a spaceport as early as 2022, and from now on, in addition to “Onsen Prefecture Oita”, we will disseminate its charms inside and outside the prefecture as “SpaceNoonsen Prefecture”.

what is asia’s first horizontal “spaceport” ★?
In April 2020, Oita Prefecture and Virgin Orbit in the United States entered into a partnership, and Oita Airport became a “horizontal spaceport”. The first satellite is scheduled to be launched from Oita Airport as early as 2022. The surrounding area has the potential to develop not only as a base for transportation but also as a base for logistics, tourism, science and technology, culture, etc., and Oita Airport, which is used as a spaceport, is expected to be a hub for the space industry and new business.


■ Web videos are also released!
All seven types of “I saw aliens” are being released on the special site from Monday, December 13. UFO and aliens who came to be witnessed in various parts of the prefecture because Oita Airport became a spaceport are finished in the interesting post video style of SNS.

▼”Hot Spring Favorite Alien!?”


▼”Strange UFO, Discovery!”


▼”Mystery Circle of Onsen Prefecture”


■ “Alien Discount” is also! Campaigns at hot baths and accommodation facilities in Oita Prefecture
Until Monday, February 28, 2022, a great campaign for “aliens” will be held at hot baths and accommodation facilities in Oita Prefecture. There are various benefits for those who self-report that they are aliens when staying, and some facilities offer discounts on accommodation charges.
< “Oita, Cosmic Neuonsen Prefecture” campaign outline>
Period: From Monday, December 13, 2021 to Monday, February 28, 2022
【Official Website】


In ★ area, such excitement is also! ★
The Alien Tourism Promotion Committee was established with the aim of “Oita, an advanced prefecture for alien tourism”, in order to boost the increasing number of alien tourism in response to oita port becoming the first spaceport in Asia. As the first project, we implemented the “Welcome Store for Alien Tourists”. Dedicated stickers are distributed to 30 merchants, and products for aliens are sold at all of them.


Oita’s Oyster / Oita Prefecture Gourmet
Actually, the fierce battle zone of oysters! ?
The season is here! 3 Oysters from Otake

■Oirarijima Oyster (Saeki City)
It was born in 2018 as an original brand of “Shin-Eimaru LLC”, which is farmed on a remote island in Saeki City, Oita Prefecture. By being farmed in the nutrient-rich sea of Onirijima, where mountain water flows in, oysters grown by eating plankton in nature have no habit or smell, and you can taste a juicy and delicate taste.

【Official Website】

■Higat Bijin (Nakatsu City)
The oyster “Higata Bijin” is the only brand in Japan that is farmed in tidal flats in Nakatsu Tidal Flats, one of japan’s three largest tidal flats. The tides create time to hit the outside air, creating a unique texture and deep taste. Although it is relatively small, it is packed with thick and rich umami, and it is characterized by a particularly beautiful appearance, plump texture and strong sweetness.

【Official Website】

■Kunisaki OYSTER (Kunisaki City)
“Kunisaki OYSTER”, which has been designated as a regional specialty brand of Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture, is said to be a Western-style raw oyster that condenses crispy fresh texture and umami and minerality. It is a brand that is rapidly increasing in popularity nationwide so that it is handled at Michelin-starred restaurants and popular Oyster bars with a reputation for being able to taste the original taste of raw oysters.

【Official Website】

Oita strawberry / Oita prefecture fruit
Strawberry season is here! A sweet-like strawberry characterized by a bright red color!
The proud brand strawberry “Belize” is the sweetest now!

■Oita Prefecture brand strawberry “Belize”
“Belize” is a oita brand strawberry developed by Oita Prefecture over 8 years. It is characterized by its bright red color and high sugar content. Because the fragrance is rich and you can enjoy it like sweets, “strawberry like sweets” is the origin of the name. In addition, it is a brand that is widely popular in the prefecture, such as being used by local confectionery stores because of its characteristic aroma.

【Official Website】

■Kyoto Takashimaya “Spring Veri Strawberry” Menu appearance using Belize!
At Takashimaya, Kyoto, we will hold a limited-time fair where you can enjoy Oita Prefecture’s proud brand strawberry “Belize”. You can enjoy a special menu designed with “Belize” as the leading role at the grocery section on the basement floor and cafes and restaurants on each floor.

Medium) 〈Juvansel〉Oita Belize Monbang, Right) Medium) 〈Juvansel〉Oita Belize Monbang, Right) “Rose Tree” Strawberry Parfait of Oita Belize

“Very Strawberry in Spring”

Period: From Wednesday, January 19, 2022 to Tuesday, February 15
Venue: Kyoto Takashimaya (Address: 52 Nishi-Irimacho, Shijo-dori Kawaramachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City)


Oita’s ingredients / Oita antenna shop
You can also meet the charm of Ohtake in Tokyo!
4 recommended products of the official flag shop “Zarai Oita”

< Oita Prefecture’s official flag shop “Zarai Oita” >
“Zarai Oita” is a type antenna shop attached to the restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected local cuisine using plenty of Oita ingredients. It is a special space using Oita’s traditional crafts for the entrance and the goods sales area, such as the lattice of Moso bamboo at the entrance and the lighting of bamboo work. This time, from the product sales area that always selects recommended products, we will introduce recommended products that you can feel Oita at home.

■Yuzu Gosho, Kasu Gosho
“Yuzu Gosho” and “Kasugosho” are the specialties of Oto, which people know. Because it is a flavorful all-purpose seasoning, it can be matched to various dishes. There are 4 types of zarai Oita.
“Yuzu Pepper Superb (Blue, Red)” of Kushino Farm (Usa City) enjoys the rich aroma and moderate pungency of aoyuzu skin and blue pepper carefully aged with salt. Red is becoming hot. “Kasu Kosho” uses the skin of blue kasu, and you can taste the rich aroma of kasu.
Kurotake-so’s “One Year Aged Yuzu Gosho” is pesticide-free and contracted cultivation for both yuzu and chili peppers, and uses a tree or ripe (ripe as it is made of wood).

■Braised with braised and miso
Ara-ni and miso stewed using the first time raised in Japan’s leading fishing ground “Bungo Channel”. It is a product with love for fish that is second to none of the fishermen’s group “Kamae Direct Delivery Vitality Fleet” in Kamae, Saeki City. It is a recommended product that the zarai staff tried and immediately started trading.


■ Diamond-cut chopsticks
Zarai Oita also handles various crafts from Oita Prefecture, such as drinking ontayaki. This time,”Diamond Cut Sharpened Chopsticks” by Ouchi Kogei (Hita City) is recommended. It is a popular product that makes use of the characteristics of the material (Moso bamboo) and pursues thin and supple, ease of use. The tip part is finished in a thinness that can only be made by hand, and it is easy to take small fish bones. The head is cut into a pyramidal shape, and it is a chopstick with a beautiful color with a sharpening method that makes double undercoats rise.

■Kingoma Florantan, Kasu Sabre
“Kinguma Florantan”, which is developed and sold as an original product of Zarai Oita, is an original version of the traditional French baked confectionery “Florantan”. Instead of nuts, we used plenty of gold sesame from Kiyokawa-cho, Bungoono City, Oita Prefecture, and baked it lightly so that you can enjoy the texture. “Kasu Sabre” is a new sense of “sabre” that blends the breath of kasu into traditional baked sweets, and is the icing of kasufu soup sprinkled. “Fleur de Sel”, a natural sea salt added to the hidden taste using plenty of fruit juice, brings out the sourness of kasu.

“Zarai Oita”
【Address】Hulic Square Tokyo 3F, 2-2-3 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Closed】1st Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, Bon, Year-end and New Year holidays
【Hours】Gallery 11:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Restaurant < Lunch > 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (L.O. 1:30 p.m.)
            <Dinner > 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (L.O. 9:30 p.m.)

Oita’s local cuisine / Oita prefecture food
A favorite product born from the heart and wisdom that values fishermen’s fish!
“Saeki Gomashi” special feature with perfect appeal and nutrition!


■Saeki Mushi

Saeki’s must-have is a versatile seasoning that combines seasonings such as soy sauce and mirin and sesame, mainly made from white fish such as eso. It was born from the wisdom of fishermen who process and consume them into still-file things in order not to waste eso, which is said to be difficult to cook with a lot of bones. It is said that in Saeki City, where fishing has been popular since ancient times, it has been made at fishermen’s homes as a preservation of overfished fish and food storage. It is common to eat it as “Eaten” on top of udon, and it has been selected as one of the 100 best local dishes. Currently, in addition to Eso, fish that are small in size and are not shipped to the market are also used, and the taste varies depending on the type of fish used and the formulation of seasonings.
★ established November 10 as “Saeki Goshishi no Hi”
In 2021, Saeki Goshi Norenkai established November 10 as “Saeki Goshishi no Hi”. “11” is read as “good”, and “10” represents the main raw material “fish”, and it is like a mortar and mortar.

■How to use it
Since the rice is a seasoning, it is one of the attractions that you can arrange various things such as fried rice, sauce, pasta sauce, bagna cauda. In addition to “Gomushi Udon”, which is eaten by pouring hot water on the most popular boiled udon and stirring well, it is also eaten with ochazuke and cold yakko. The flavor and salt content vary depending on the type, so the arrangements vary.

An example of < arrangement>
◆The miso-containing miso melts with your favorite ingredients and hot water to impromptu miso soup
◆ Dry moss is an accent of snacks and sweets
◆ Iriko’s moss has a flavor, so instead of dashi
◆ The rice still that the habit of the fish is not strong is easy to settle the taste, and it is perfect for the soup stock of the pot

■ Your book
“Saeki Gomonashi” has a unique taste depending on the type of fish used and the store, and it is also recommended to compare the food to enjoy the difference.
【Mail Order】Onsen Prefecture Online Shop

★ Mochishi / Fishing Village Women’s Group Mearu
A group of fishermen’s wives gather to form a fishing village woman group. We use fresh fish before it is shipped to the market. You can taste the rich flavor of sesame and the deliciousness of the fish together.

★ with salted koji / ICHIE
A popular shop of sesame udon. It uses ICHIE’s original moss with salted clams, and it is easy to eat and features a mellow taste. Gomushi Curry Udon is also popular at the store.

★ Iri ko-gomushi / Hajime Watanabe Shoten
Only fresh iriko from Yonizu, known as a good fishing ground, is used. Because it is a light iriko dashi with plenty of calcium, you can enjoy the flavor of the soup stock with a gentle taste.

★ Saeki Goshi /Yamajin
It is a mustard using oita prefecture kashimasu, which is a white fish. Although it has a firm umami, it has no habit and features an elegant taste. I finish it creamy compared with other moss.

The people of the prefecture recommend “Onsen Prefecture Oita” with all their might
“Hidden Milok” discovery corner in Oita Prefecture
Let’s enjoy New Year’s Day! From the seafood of Oita to the seafood of the mountains! !
Oita’s order gourmet that can be enjoyed even with corona evil!

■Bungo Impressed Honpo
Bungo Impressed Honpo, a commercial facility that opened in Reiwa 2010 and serves usuki city’s specialties and gourmet products, has renovated a Japanese house and creates a modern and calm atmosphere, making it a new spot where tourists inside and outside the prefecture can experience the charm of the local area. There are 4 areas in the facility, such as “Product Sales” and “Terrace Café”. Among them, “Fugu Chazuke Specialty Store” is particular about a quiet and elegant space with the theme of an adult hideaway. In cooperation with puffer fish restaurants in the city, “Bungo Channel Torafugu Chazuke” is a menu, and lunch set (2,500 yen) can be eaten. You can also purchase it at the online shop, and you can taste the ultimate ochazuke at home.

【Address】200 Usuki, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture
【Access】Approximately 7 minutes by car from usuki IC on Higashi-Kyushu Expressway
【Closed】Mondays, 1st and 3rd Sundays

■Miyako Co., Ltd.
Oita Prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan after Hokkaido in the number of wild boar and deer captured. Miyako, where the game can be eaten, is located in Ume, Saeki City, where forests account for 91% of the total area. Natural boar, venison, local chicken, and other meats grown at the foot of the Singshan Soma Mountain System have long been prized as medicinal foods. Gibier, which grew up in nature, is truly a natural ingredient. Because of the beauty of the color served on a plate, it has come to be called “peony pot”, but in fact it is low in fat and low in calories. It is very healthy. In addition, it is rich in vitamin B1, calcium and collagen, and it is very excellent as a food ingredient. Boar meat does not become hard even if boiled, and the more it is boiled, the softer it becomes. It is a good winter pot that warms from the core of the body.

Address: 2127-2 Chizuka, Ume Oaza, Saeki City, Oita Prefecture
【Access】About 36 minutes by car from Chitose IC on Chukyushu Expressway

■Hanedano Shoten Co., Ltd.
“Hanedano Shoten” in Bungo-Ono City is a famous bungo beef shop loved by the local area. In order to provide safe and secure meat, we are particular about Oita prefecture and process and sell it. As a meat processing professional, we also make processed products such as grilled pork using prefectural pork while protecting the technology inherited from generation to generation. The hidden popular item of this beef shop is this handmade pork. The peach meat of “Kuju Yume Pork” from Oita Prefecture is marinated in a secret sauce made with special seasonings and carefully selected soy sauce, and it takes about 2 hours to bake it. The outside is firmly gived, the inside is moist and full of flavor, and the splendid ingredients breathe.

【Address】145-1 Tanaka, Ono-cho, Bungoono City, Oita Prefecture
【Access】About 2 minutes by car from Ono IC on Nakakyushu Expressway
【Closed】Irregular holidays

■”Tansho” of sushi ordered
Sushi town with the catchphrase “Saeki sushi, the best in the world”. In Saeki City, there is a shop called “Tansho” that serves creative sushi (decorative sushi) using local ingredients using techniques that have been hard for many years. Regular sushi becomes difficult and crispy as soon as it is refrigerated, but tansho’s sushi is made so that the day it arrives is the best time to eat by a special manufacturing method developed from many years of experience. In addition to adding a little time, such as grilling, we bring out the umami and at the same time devise a device that lasts a long time. This sushi was also presented to the King of Dubai. He says he is holding sushi with the desire to convey Japanese food culture through sushi.

【Address】1-6 Hi-no-Machi, Saeki City, Oita Prefecture
【Access】Approximately 14 minutes’ drive from the Saeki IC on the Higashi-Kyushu Expressway

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