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Digital map Of Stroly, collaboration map with Kyoto Product Association released! Visualize the whole long-established store in Kyoto!

Stroly (Kyoto City, President and CEO: Masachi Takahashi), which operates an online platform for digital maps linked to location information (GPS), will collaborate with the Kyoto Bussan Association (Kyoto City, Chairman Kensuke Doi) to publish an illustration map of a long-established store in Kyoto online. The association is a member of kyoto’s many historical traditional crafts and manufacturing shops, confectionery shops and restaurants. In collaboration with Kyoto Prefecture Bussan Association, a startup headquartered in Kyoto, and the Kyoto Prefecture Bussan Association, which is a member of long-established stores, we will visualize attractive local famous stores on the map and aim to promote tourism throughout Kyoto Prefecture with an eye on the aftermath of corona.
Map URL to publish:

Collaboration map with Kyoto Prefecture Bussan Association

Stroly is a post-type platform that digitizes illustration maps that are effective for area branding in conjunction with location information, and can be used on the web without the need for an app. The newly released map can be accessed from the banner installed on the homepage of the Kyoto Prefecture Product Association, and you can see information on 156 Kyoto shops such as crafts, confectionery, dishes, alcohol and tea on the illustration map. The map covers the entire city of Kyoto, and famous stores of a wide range of genres such as Japanese confectionery shops, craft shops, souvenir shops, etc. from various regions in the prefecture such as Uji and Kyotango participate.

The illustration map was created by Yuka Mori, who majored in Japanese painting while she was a university student and is still active as a writer in Kyoto. Kyoto’s features such as the Gion Festival, the gozan-no-oki fire, and the cherry blossoms blooming in Ninna-ji Temple are scattered everywhere. Since the map is linked to your smartphone’s location information (GPS), you can use it while sightseeing when you visit Kyoto, and you can enjoy it from home for virtual travel and online shopping. As the autumn holiday season is approaching, it is intended to be used by domestic tourists visiting Kyoto and as a tool that allows them to enjoy their time from home.
Amid the continuing difficult situation in the tourism industry due to the corona disaster, Stroly will support the effective use of tourism resources in cooperation with local governments, incorporated associations, companies, etc., and will continue efforts to meet travel demand that is expected to recover in the future.

■About Stroly Co., Ltd.

Map platform usage fee: From 110,000 yen (tax included) per month ※ Basic contract unit 12 months.

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