YouTube releases videos that convey the skills and charms of local culture such as festivals in various parts of the prefecture!

While local festivals and traditional crafts face issues such as a shortage of supporters, the opportunity to demonstrate has been lost due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, and the succession of technology has become a new issue.
Therefore, the Kyoto Prefecture Regional Cultural Revitalization Liaison Council (Secretariat: Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Policy Office, hereinafter referred to as the “Council”), which consists of Kyoto Prefecture, related municipalities, and preservation associations responsible for local culture, produced and released videos that convey the technology and charm of regional cultures in each part of the prefecture by supporting the accompanying support for preservation meetings by cultural tourism supporters assigned to each DMO in the prefecture.

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Published on the council’s YouTube account

Regional Revitalization Project Project Utilizing Local Culture

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Reiwa in 2011, photographs were taken in Fukuchiyama City, Miyazu City, Kasagi Town, Wazuka Town, Seika Town and Minamiyama Castle Village
※ The scene of the festival also utilizes past images

(1) Videos that convey the appeal of local culture
・ Videos that convey the local culture and attractions of each municipality
・ Educational videos for elementary school students who can learn the local culture of Fukuchiyama City in a quiz format
・ Video introducing the activities of Miyazu Odori Promotion Association
・Video introducing the activities of the fisherman town ukiko preservation society in Miyazu City in 2021
・ Video introducing the activities of the invitation rope in Asukaji Ward in Kasagi Town
・ Video introducing the activities of the Igomori Festival of Seika-cho

(2) Video conveying the technology of local culture
・ Record video of choreography of Miyazu Odori
・ A video covering the thoughts of the oldest ob of the Nakano Tachiburi Preservation Society in Miyazu City



  • Cultural Tourism Supporter

・A total of 7 people are stationed at Kyoto DMO of the sea, Kyoto DMO in the forest, and Kyoto DMO of tea
(1) Research local culture, dig up charm, and support polishing
(2) Disseminating the appeal of local culture and considering its use for tourism and urban development

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