【Cypress Resort Kumejima】All rooms have been reborn as “Kumejima Tsumugi” rooms

Cypress Resort Kumejima (803-1 Ohara, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa Prefecture) in Kumejima Island, Okinawa Prefecture has renewed the interior of all 84 guest rooms and has been renewed to the “Kumejima Tsumugi” room where you can feel close to “Kumejima Tsumugi”, which is sprinkled with the patterns of the island’s traditional craft “Kumejima Tsumugi” everywhere.


In November 2020, the concept room “Kumejima Tsumugi” room was born as the first Kumejima Tsumugi Project. Mr. Iemasa Yamabata, who studies and works on the application of traditional Japanese crafts from the viewpoint of a graphic designer, and kumejima tsumugi business cooperative, which works on weaving dyeing of sericulture (Yosan) and Kumejima tsumugi on the island, as well as passing on and developing experience sessions and successor training, The naha city history museum, which introduces the history from the Ryukyu Dynasty through valuable materials and photo exhibitions, gathered and realized it.
And this renewal, from the desire to spread the traditional craft of the island “Kumejima Tsumugi” to as many people as possible and to actually touch the texture, we have transformed all 84 guest rooms into “Kumejima Tsumugi” rooms over the first period of about a year, so that all customers staying at Cypress Resort Kumejima can experience the charm of Kumejima Tsumugi. The design has been changed for each room type, and a unique space where you can touch the tsumugi pattern of Kumejima tsumugi with abundant variations has been completed.

Four attractive Kumejima Tsumugirooms
Based on calm colors and chic patterns that become the mainstream of modern tsumugi patterns, by adding vivid colors from reprinted patterns of the dynasty era, we produce gorgeousness unique to Okinawa while being a calm space.
You can enjoy the differences in various patterns such as bed throws, lighting, cushions, tapestries, etc., and feel the real Kumejima tsumugi used for lighting switches and pulls by hand. By combining the tsumugi pattern that has changed with the times, we will deliver a luxurious stay unique to Kumejima while enjoying its charm and differences.


◎Point 1 < Two layers of acrylic panel expressing traditional patterns in modern>

On the bedboard, an acrylic panel designed to show the structure of the weaving of tsumugi is installed, superimposing the pattern of Kumejima tsumugi, such as a checkered pattern pattern and a petori pattern (Tuigwa) of flora and fauna. By superimposing traditional patterns with a sense of dynamism on two layers, a playful art work that changes the expression depending on the viewing angle has been completed.

◎Point 2 < Ceiling lamp with kasuri patterns in the shape of windings>

A ceiling lamp with the motif of “winding” necessary to evenly adjust the thickness of silk thread and strengthen the strength of silk thread, which is one of the Kumejima tsumugi weaving processes.
The pattern of Kumejima tsumugi is reflected lightly on the whole surface, creating a simple and warm space.

◎Point 3 < Touch the real Kumejima tsumugi>


Real Kumejima tsumugi is used everywhere you touch, such as lighting switches and closet pullers, and it is attractive that there is no same one.
Please enjoy the texture and luster of the fabric that you can taste the delicate texture of weaving by looking for it and touching it. 

◎Point 4 < Limited original “Kumejima Tsumugi” goods of all rooms renewal commemoration>

  Original “Kumejima Tsumugi” goods will be sold exclusively at shops in Cypress Resort Kumejima.
“Kumejima Tsumugi Pattern Makie Seal” incorporates tsumugi patterns into familiar items, and you can enjoy making your own original tsumugi pattern goods.
In addition, “Kumejima tsumugi pattern cushion cover” is available in all two colors, the same pattern and color as the cushion actually contained in the room.
Please take it home with you as a memory of your trip to Kumejima.


Important Intangible Cultural Property Luxury stay to touch the charm of Kumejima tsumugi
Kumejima Tsumugi, born in the rich nature and long history of Kumejima, the birthplace of tsumugi, has been close to the lives of the people of Okinawa for about 500 years. The traditional techniques carefully passed down by the people of the island were designated as important intangible cultural properties of the country in 2004, and we continue to pass on technology and further evolve through various new initiatives.

You can enjoy the reprint of “Mizu” used as a specification of the fabric worn by the royal family of the Ryukyu Dynasty era and the modern chic pattern everywhere, while feeling the texture and difference.
In addition, real Kumejima tsumugi woven by Oriko is luxuriously used for lighting switches and closet pullers, and you can experience the texture dyed with dye born from the island nature, the delicate kasuri pattern (kasurigara) and texture woven by the woven silk thread. We will deliver a luxurious stay wrapped in the elegance and gentle warmth of Kumejima Tsumugi.

Kumejima tsumugi born from the nature of the island and the handiwork of Oriko

Kumejima tsumugi is made from raw silk spun from cotton from silkworm cocoons, and uses silk threads dyed with dyes born from the island’s rich nature, such as plants, trees, and mud dyeing native to the island.
Kumejima Tsumugi, where one or the other performs all manual work from silk reeling to drawings, dyeing, and weaving, has been loved by many people since ancient times due to the texture of the island’s natural blessings and the precise technique of Oriko, who continues to protect the traditional handmade techniques.


The Kumejima Tsumugi room is a guest room born from the heart of “Yui Maru”, which expresses joint and sympathy, with the desire of the four people who want to increase the number of places to touch Kumejima tsumugi and want many people to feel their charm.

Cypress Resort Kumejima will continue to work to revitalize Kumejima by actively disseminating the island’s rich nature, islanders, history, culture, and other attractions.

Cypress Resort Kumejima 《84 rooms ocean view》
■Residence: 803-1 Ohara, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
■Fee: From 13,400 yen with breakfast per night (per person for 2 adults per room)
Guests can make a reservation from the official website
※ The image is an image. *Prices shown include service charge and consumption tax.

■Even World Co., Ltd.
Business description: Make the world smile with a design with eye. Based on the concept of graphic design, branding, and collaboration planning, he is involved in the project. He creates new possibilities for traditional crafts, focusing on “kogin sashimi” in Aomori, where the representative is from.
Location: 3F Shimada Building, 5-14-7 Tamagawa, Chofu City, Tokyo

■Kumejima Tsumugi Business Cooperative
Business description: Kumejima Tsumugi-no-Sato “Yuimarkan” operated. A wide variety of Kumejima tsumugi are produced and sold directly, and the history and work processes of Kumejima tsumugi are exhibited in the museum, and techniques are preserved and handed down in the tradition training project.
Location: 1878-1, Masa, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

Naha City History Museum
Description of business: Okinawa has a unique culture and history that has been passed down since the ryukyu kingdom era. It has a large collection of valuable arts and crafts and historical materials, including the national treasure related to the King of Ryukyu.
Location: Palette Kumoji 4F, 1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

Cypress Resort Kumejima


Kumejima is a remote island about 30 minutes by plane from Naha Airport.

Located on the west coast near Kumejima Airport, Cypress Resort Kumejima is a quiet adult resort hotel surrounded by beautiful sea and untouched nature. Shinri Beach spreads out in front of the hotel, and you can see the sunset over the East China Sea as beautifully as Kume Island. On-site restaurant Nagi-Calme and Cypress Cafe Nagisa-La Plage serve creative Japanese and Western cuisine that are particular about Kumejima ingredients. We propose a relaxing and luxurious stay on the island.
Location: 803-1 Ohara, Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-3132
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Karuizawa and Kumejima, Okinawa, two resort hotels, tokyo metropolitan area business hotel and rental business with furniture and home appliances, provide a high-quality relaxing space that creates new excitement.
Urban and Resorts offer sophisticated and high-quality spaces.

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