Visit osaka tinware co., ltd., a company that manufactures Osaka Naniwa tinware

Osaka Naniwa Tinware : Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd.

A company that manufactures Osaka Naniwa tinware
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September 2014 Mr. I, who is in charge of twitter of Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square, visited the craftsman!
The first production area report. Enjoy.

How are these products also available at stores in Aoyama Square, traditional crafts?
This time, we will introduce the production process based on Mr. I’s report!

Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd. is a small three-story company located in a residential area in Osaka City.

It is a process of pouring tin that is heated to a mold and made into a liquid. Molds can be used again, so mass production can be made compared to other production areas that make molds with sand and break them each time.

Anything that was incomplete at the time of removing it from the mold is put in the pot on the spot and
Returns to liquid. It is a workshop where products are set in a potter’s back and shaved and polished.

Various tools are put on the wall, and it has an atmosphere of a workshop.

In the corner of this room, it was work to polish it before polishing it with a potter’s hand.

A stick with a metal deflection at the tip vibrates. It seems that there is a big difference in work efficiency if you put this work in and you can not put it in.

It is a spout that has just been molded and a spout after shaving with a small sword. The luster is completely different.
After this, it is polished with a file again, and the smoother one is attached to the main body.

In addition to visiting the workshop, I was very learned from mr. Imai, the president, to hear about the current situation at the production site and the prospects for the new business.

Osaka Naniwa Tinware is a very vibrant production area where there are many young craftsmen who are highly conscious of product development. I will continue to actively go to see the production area in the future, so I would like to report again.

How was Mr. I’s production area report? Osaka Naniwa Tinware products are available not only at stores of Aoyama Square, but also in online shops, so please take a look.

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