【Takashimaya Osaka Store】”OSAKA Expo” – Making things that will connect to the future –

■Good Shock Place, 1F Takashimaya Osaka Store
■From Wednesday, January 19, 2022 to 25th Tuesday

Takashimaya Osaka store will sell products of Osaka-made brands certified by Osaka Prefecture under the title “OSAKA Expo” from Wednesday, January 19 to Tuesday, January 25, 2022.
There are many manufacturing companies in Osaka Prefecture with high technology. Many companies have manufacturing and specialized processing technologies for parts, and consumers have limited opportunities to learn first-hand about their superior technologies. Amid the growing attention to local businesses and local consumption due to the corona disaster, the Takashimaya Osaka store will prepare more than 100 kinds of products and experiential projects from about 20 companies, and will liven up local Osaka companies by introducing world-class technologies.

※About the brand made in Osaka
This product is certifies by Osaka Prefecture and is full of creativity backed by the excellent technology of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the prefecture.

[Product example] ※The price is written in tax-included.
〇World-class Osaka’s products certified by the Osaka brand
< Nishikijo Gohan Co., Ltd. > (Yao City)
KINJO JAPAN E 1 4,950 yen

NishikiJo Goki Co., Ltd. manufactures rubber products and engages in civil engineering. We are a company that handles many rubber parts of products in our daily lives, such as rubber parts of medical equipment, rubber packings for rice cookers, and swimming caps. With the desire to let as many people know about our technology, employees in charge of civil engineering work take the lead in creating glasses that color the table. Conventional rubber molding was considered difficult to express a sense of transparency like glass, but after 10 years of trial and error, a glass-like silicone rubber glass with cutwork was completed. It is a universal design that is light, easy to hold, hard to crack, and easy for many people to use.

< > Toyosato Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (Osaka)
Pettan stove 8,800 yen

Toyosato Metal Industry Co., Ltd. performs prototype precision sheet metal processing that gives shape to various ideas. The Pettan Stove is a one-person mini-hob that can be assembled in 1 minute and dismantled in 30 seconds. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, it weighs about 540 g and is compact and convenient to carry. It is a product made in response to the needs such as solo camps that have increased due to corona disaster.

< Sunward Co., Ltd. > (Osaka)
Handlebook Cover Urauraji -second hose- 2,420 yen

Sewing manufacturer, Sunward Co., Ltd. Fire hoses that are discarded as non-standard are used to revive them as bags and accessories. The colorful products that make use of the original color of the fire hose are made of polyester colored from the raw material stage, so they are hard to fade and have excellent durability and water resistance.

Smiley Earth < > Co., Ltd. (Izumisano City)
Serious cotton Natural face towel 3,300 yen

Smiley Earth is a towel manufacturer in Izumisano City, which is said to be the “birthplace of the Japanese towel industry”. It is a product created by towel craftsmen and children who are working on technological innovation to realize the ideal of “towel manufacturing that coexists with nature”. It is a towel with a soft touch that the love of the towel craftsman who thinks of nature is put.

〇A manufacturing experience that touches the technology of local Osaka
< > Kawabe Shokai Co., Ltd. (Sakai City)
Factory tour and drawing experience With plate “chopp plate” set to be cutting board 6,600 yen / 8,800 yen

Kawabe Shokai Co., Ltd., a plastic molding processing manufacturer in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. We have developed a plate that can also be a cutting board that can not be dropped. Although it is made of plastic, it was manufactured by making use of the plastic molding technology cultivated over many years, such as applying a process that is hard to get dirty and easy to remove.
In addition to visiting a plastic factory that you can not usually see, you can make original plates that can freely draw letters and pictures on “chopp plate”.

< Sanyo Paper Co., Ltd. > (Sennan City)
Factory tour and recycled paper notebook making experience with picnic rug and table mat set 3,300 yen

Paper recycling specialist Sanyo Paper Co., Ltd. The leisure sheet “Picnic Rug” made by upcycycling waste paper uses durable recycled paper used for packaging electric wires called industrial crepe paper. Poly-laminating is made on the back side, and it is resistant to water and convenient to carry. It is an experience planning product that includes “picnic rugs” that can be easily used for outdoor use in your own style, “table mats” that you can enjoy home time, factory tours of recycled paper, and experience making recycled paper ring notes. ※ The image is an image.

< Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd. > (Osaka)
Workshop tour and traditional craft “Osaka Naniwa Tinware” production experience Tin tumbler “cold incense” pair set 51,700 yen

< Kakura > Co., Ltd. (Takatsuki City)
Workshop tour and original “leather goodwill” design and production experience 25,300 yen

< Kakuno > Co., Ltd. (Sakai City)
Tenugui Snow Flower Shibori Dyeing Experience “Komon pattern Watauru” set 6,600 yen

< Higuchi Meriyas Industry Co., Ltd. > (Katano City)
Factory tour original “Tsutsudaki” production experience with socks “Tsutsudaki” set without heel 5,500 yen

< Fujita Metal Co., Ltd. > (Yao City)
Factory tour and mini frying pan production experience Frying pan Dhu S + M & handle set 11,000 yen

< Kinoshita > (Settsu City)
Convenient plate / mini transom Sculpture experience 27,500 yen / 44,000 yen

〇 List of participating companies
※In no particular order
Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
Sanyo Paper Co., Ltd. (Sennan City)


Kawabe Shokai Co., Ltd. (Sakai City)
Kimura Soap Industry Co., Ltd. (Yao City)
NishikiJo Gohan Co., Ltd. (Yao City)
Krung Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
Sunward Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
Shinko Towel Co., Ltd. (Izumisano City)
Smiley Earth Co., Ltd. (Izumisano City)
Takeda Bleaching Factory Co., Ltd. (Sakai City)
Tsuneyoshi Co., Ltd. (Higashiosaka City)
Toyosato Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
Hanwa Hollow Co., Ltd. (Sennan City)
Fujita Metal Co., Ltd. (Yao City)
Horiuchi Kagami Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
Rigetta Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)
KAKURA Co., Ltd. (Takatsuki City)
Kakuno Haresome Co., Ltd. (Sakai City)
Higuchi Knitters Co., Ltd. (Katano City)
Kinoshita Rinma Store (Settsu City)

Takashimaya Osaka 06-6631-1101 (Representative)

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