We will promote organic tourism in Ogawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture, which is famous as an organic village!

Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshizumi Nezu) will promote organic tourism in Ogawa-cho as a project to adopt the Japan Tourism Agency ‘Demonstration project for promoting regional cooperation through the polishing of local tourism resources’ in cooperation with Ogawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture, NPO Akarie, and Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd.
Together with local governments and local companies, we are discovering new tourism resources along the railway lines and refining existing tourism content. In Ogawa-cho along the Tobu Tojo Line, we will promote organic tourism based on organic agriculture, focusing on the fact that we have practiced organic agriculture with ingenuity and ingenuity in order to create added value for agricultural products. By providing experiences unique to Ogawa-cho, such as creating a tour map from the perspective of organic tourism, conducting monitor tours, and holding online cooking classes, we aim to boost the tourism industry that has fallen due to the new coronavirus infection. In addition, by promoting exchanges with local farmers, we will create content that will make you feel attached to Ogawa-cho where you can feel the nostalgic atmosphere of “hometown” and come back.
We will continue to aim for the sustainable development of the areas along the railway lines by contributing to the revitalization of the region.

Vegetables from Ogawa Town (image)Vegetables from Ogawa Town (image)

[Outline of organic tourism development project centered on organic agriculture in Ogawa Town]
– Japan Tourism Agency, “Demonstration experiment for promoting regional cooperation through the polishing of local tourism resources” –

1 Period
December 31, 2021 – January 31, 2022 (planned)
2 Demonstration experiment area
Ogawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama (nearest station: Ogawamachi Station on the Tobu Tojo Line)
3 Affiliated organizations
Ogawa-cho NPO “Akarie” *An NPO in Ogawa-cho organized to work on regional revitalization and the promotion of traditional industries
4 Overview of business plan
(1) Round-trip map
We will make a map of vegetable stores where you can enjoy meals using vegetables from Ogawa Town.

Round-trip map (image)Round-trip map (image)

(2) Monitoring tour (event: Tobu Top Tours)
(1) Schedule
Saturday, December 18, 2021
(2) Number of applicants
10 people
(3) Participation fee
(4) How to make a reservation
Web application from Tobu Top Tours website
(5) Contents
Vegetable harvesting experience
You can experience harvesting vegetables in the fields of local farmers while interacting with local farmers.
※ You can take home the harvested vegetables.
Vegetable lunch
You can eat at a local farmer who has experienced harvesting and deepen your relationship with local farmers.
Sightseeing in the town
Sake brewery tour, shopping at Saitama Traditional Crafts Hall, vegetable dealer, etc.

(3) Online cooking class
We will hold an online cooking class where you can cook and taste Ogawa-cho vegetables while interacting with local farmers.

< Visit>
[Japan Tourism Agency “Demonstration project for promoting regional cooperation through the polishing of local tourism resources”
This project is adopted and implemented by the Public Offering of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Demonstration Project for Promoting Regional Cooperation through The Polishing of Local Tourism Resources,” a demonstration project in which various local stakeholders, such as tourism-related businesses such as tourism operators, agriculture, and local industries, and local governments, work together to refine tourism resources.
Centering on vegetables from Ogawa Town, which is the fruit of the ingenuity of local farmers, we will promote monitoring tours including vegetable harvesting experiences, touring local vegetable shops in the town by making and distributing maps, holding cooking classes using vegetables from Ogawa Town, etc., and expanding awareness of Ogawa-cho as an “organic farming village” and promoting invitation to Ogawa Town.


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