Open up the future with 100% Fairwood original furniture

Weiss Weiss Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 3-7-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will start selling sustainable furniture with our own development and design at WISE WISE tools Tokyo Midtown store.
Our furniture uses 100% Japanese wood = fairwood, which considers the natural environment and local communities of the logging area. It is “face-visible furniture” where producers and production areas are clear from material to completion. With an eye on a sustainable future, we will deliver all made IN JAPAN furniture with a view of the face by excellent Japanese craftsmen using local materials from all over Japan from here to your life from here.


WISE WISE tools Tokyo MidtownWISE WISE tools Tokyo Midtown

[Product introduction sustainable chair KURIKOMA AKI]
▼KURIKOMA “Making Furniture the Power of Reconstruction” – Creating Employment in Disaster-stricken Areas –
▼AKI “Furniture Condensed with Japanese Woodworking Technology”
[WISE WISE tools Tokyo Midtown store]
*Address Tokyo Midtown Gardenside Galleria 3F, 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
*Store access
【Online Store】
[Sale period On sale From November 2021]

Weiss Weiss goes to the mountains of Japan, where furniture materials are produced, and is particular about furniture creation that carefully builds relationships between “nature and people” and “people” in the field together with local people, forest growers, and craftsmen. Over the past 10 years, we have become a network of more than 100 locations in 47 prefectures. In this store, we will introduce the characteristics and stories of the product, as well as initiatives with companies and local communities such as stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, etc.

◆Sustainable Furniture Product Introduction
Product Page

KURIKOMA Armchair KR-104  KURIKOMA Armchair KR-104

Making furniture the power of reconstruction.

With the aim of creating jobs in the areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011, we started by creating a chair that will be finished products at sawmills. Over the years, it took two years to complete it with local materials and people’s hands, and employment was also born. The cedars used in KURIKOMA are also used in combination with the traditional method of carrying out logs by horse, which is only a few people in Japan, to reduce petroleum fuel and conduct more nature-friendly forestry. It is a soft cedar tree that is said to be unsuitable for chair materials, but it is a very sturdy structure by the construction method of making the plate material a three-layer structure and assembling it so that the fibers go straight. It is characterized by a gentle touch that makes use of the texture of the cedar and the warmth that makes you feel relieved with the comfort of sitting.


Horse carrying ... Traditional way to carry logs by horseHorse carrying … Traditional way to carry logs by horse

②     AKI

Product Page

AKI Side Chair SHN-101AKI Side Chair SHN-101


Furniture condensed with Japanese woodworking technology.

Aki requires the advanced technology of craftsmen because it is a simple design that eliminates decoration to the utmost limit. It is due to the technique of “scrap finishing” that it does not feel the member joint and looks like a series of wood. It is designed for long-term use that can remove only the seat surface and replace the fabric. The warm presence and dignified appearance of solid wood harmonize from home dining to fine dining. In addition, japanese forests, which are the production areas of materials, need to properly maintain trees and circulate “→ using →, and put light into the dark forest to make them healthy. We develop products based on this concept.

Hokkaido Nara Forest Used for AKIHokkaido Nara Forest Used for AKI



Next time, we will deliver “Sustainable Sofa FOREST and Evolving Eco Fabric”.

< Company Profile>
【Company Name】Weiss Weiss Co., Ltd.
【Representative】Taku Kato, President
【Headquarters】Shinjuku Park Tower 20F, 3-7-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1020
【Official Website】Corporate Website
Weiss Weiss-Weiss-Tuls Online Shop
【Established】December 13, 1996 【Established】May 1, 2020
【Business】Furniture planning, development, manufacture and sales, interior design, crafts and miscellaneous goods sales, consulting
【History】In 1996, we established the interior brand “Weiss Weiss” with the theme of “affluent living”. Currently, he develops and sells original furniture using Fairwood, domestic and regional materials, and conducts consulting businesses such as space design such as interior design and architectural production, and regional development. He manages WISE WISE tools, a specialty store that disseminates Japanese traditional crafts to the world. The stores are real stores and online shops in Roppongi, Tokyo Midtown, Bunkyo-ku, and Nezu. He advocated the creation of furniture with 100% fairwood, and has received many awards for its business activities that actively use certified wood such as domestic hardwood and FSC.

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