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Odate Bentewappa : Masamasa Shibata

April 16, 2014 We visited Masamasa Shibata, who is demonstrating his production at Aoyama Square.

At the Takumi Corner, Masamasa Shibata demonstrated the production of Odate Bentewappa.

Today I hit Mr. Shibata’s production demonstration directly!
In the Takumi corner, materials such as cherry bark and samples of each process were arranged.


Work is proceeding silently.
While thinking that it is painful to talk to somehow,
I’m scary approaching (laughs)

The hole through the cherry bark is not opened together in advance, but through and opened…
It seems to repeat, and it is a work with perseverance.

Because it is the new school year, the best thing about this exhibition work seems to be a lunch box.
This type is slender, so it fits perfectly to the bottom of the business bag.
It is easy to carry, and one of the staff also buys this spring and uses it every day

This “Tsukushi Bento”
In fact, Mr. Shibata’s daughter’s name seems to be “Tsukushi”, and it seems that it is a lunch box made for her when she was still small. There is a teaser in this lunch box ( now a junior high school student).

Separate the first and second stages and take the lid of the second stage…


If you turn the second stage upside down and cover it on the first stage, it will be transformed into a small lunch box used by Tsukushi-chan when she was little! When you want to eat a lot, it is two steps, and on the day when you want to eat a little, it is one step. It is also suguremono that can be stored compactly after eating.

With wonderful ideas born from family love.

When I talked about Tsukushi-chan’s lunch box, I felt family love in Mr. Shibata’s slightly smile,
I’m somehow relieved.

Mr. Shibata, thank you very much for your time.

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